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2023 Webster Library Exhibitions

Lasting Impressions

Series of dotted lines in orange, green, blue, yellow and red in curvilinear shapes.

June 5 – September 25, 2023

Webster Library, vitrines on LB-2

Curated by: Erika Adams

Lasting Impressions showcases a selection of fine art prints produced over the last two decades through a special editions program within Concordia University's Print Media Department. Founded in the 1990s by Judy Garfin and Cheryl Kolak, this program fosters creative, collaborative and pedagogical opportunities for visiting artists, Master Printers and students.

This exhibition includes works by artists Geneviève Cadieux, Anne Carson, Pierre Dorion, Betty Goodwin, Pascal Grandmaison, Emily Hermant, Ed Pien and Roland Poulin and produced with Master Printers and artists Erika Adams, Chris Armijo, Brandon Gunn, Matthew Letzelter and Mikael Petraccia. Lasting Impressions is curated by Erika Adams, who is the current Director of this special editions program.

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