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Gifts to Special Collections


Special Collections welcomes gifts of books, archival materials, and other items that contribute to the growth and development of its collections, complement existing archival fonds and collections, and are aligned with current collecting priorities. Special Collections also acquires new materials in anticipation of or in response to changing academic needs and interests at Concordia University.

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Current collecting priorities

Special Collections acquires published and archival materials in a number of different areas, including but not limited to Canadian literature and history; poetry and spoken word; LGBTQ+ literature; counterculture in Quebec; political movements and history in Quebec; Black history in Quebec; community organizations and activism in Quebec; improvised music, jazz, and nightlife in Quebec; the Irish in Quebec; visual arts; artists’ books and the art of the book; and journalism and communications. For an up-to-date list of current collecting priorities, see the Special Collections Collection Development Policy (T-12).

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What materials are accepted

Special Collections accepts gifts that meet the criteria described in the Special Collections Collection Development Policy (T-12) and the Library’s Gifts-in-kind Policy (T-1). Special Collections is not able to accept all gifts-in-kind offers, and materials will be reviewed prior to the time of donation to ensure that they fit with current collecting priorities.

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Proposing a donation

If you are considering donating to Special Collections, consult the how-to guide and contact the Special Collections Archivist.

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