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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Geography, Anthropology or Recreation that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake : a social and popular dance reader / edited by Julie Malnig
    GV 1781 B35 2009
    This dynamic collection documents the rich and varied history of social dance and the multiple styles it has generated, while drawing on some of the most current forms of critical and theoretical inquiry. The essays cover different historical periods and styles; encompass regional influences from North and South America, Britain, Europe, and Africa; and emphasize a variety of methodological approaches, including ethnography, anthropology, gender studies, and critical race theory. While social dance is defined primarily as dance performed by the public in ballrooms, clubs, dance halls, and other meeting spots, contributors also examine social dance's symbiotic relationship with popular, theatrical stage dance forms.Contributors are Elizabeth Aldrich, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Yvonne Daniel, Sherril Dodds, Lisa Doolittle, David F. García, Nadine George-Graves, Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, Constance Valis Hill, Karen W. Hubbard, Tim Lawrence, Julie Malnig, Carol Martin, Juliet McMains, Terry Monaghan, Halifu Osumare, Sally R. Sommer, May Gwin Waggoner, Tim Wall, and Christina Zanfagna.

  • Developmental movement for children : mainstream, special needs and pre-school / Veronica Sherborne
    GV 443 S54 1990

  • Living and dying in a virtual world : digital kinships, nostalgia, and mourning in Second Life / Margaret Gibson; Clarissa Carden
    GV 1469.25 S425 G53 2018eb

  • Spirituality, sport, and doping : more than just a game / Tracy J. Trothen

  • Feminism in play / Kishonna L. Gray, Gerald Voorhees, Emma Vossen, editors
    GV1469.17.S63 F46 2018

  • Contactless 3D fingerprint identification / Ajay Kumar

  • Ethnoecology and medicinal plants of the highland Maya / John Richard Stepp

  • Oceanographic analysis with R / Dan E. Kelley

  • The symbolic earth : discourse and our creation of the environment / James G. Cantrill & Christine L. Oravec, editors
    GE 195 S97 1996
    Believing that the environment is largely a product of how we talk about the world, the contributors to The Symbolic Earth argue that the only hope we have of preserving the environment is to understand and alter the fundamental ways we discuss it.

  • The Sage handbook of remote sensing / edited by Timothy A. Warner, M. Duane Nellis, and Giles M. Foody
    G 70.4 S24 2009eb
    'A magnificent achievement. A who's who of contemporary remote sensing have produced an engaging, wide-ranging and scholarly review of the field in just one volume' - Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor, Bournemouth University

    Remote Sensing acquires and interprets small or large-scale data about the Earth from a distance. Using a wide range of spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric scales Remote Sensing is a large and diverse field for which this Handbook will be the key research reference.

    Organized in four key sections:

    * Interactions of Electromagnetic Radiation with the Terrestrial Environment : chapters on Visible, Near-IR and Shortwave IR; Middle IR (3-5 micrometers); Thermal IR ; Microwave

    * Digital sensors and Image Characteristics : chapters on Sensor Technology; Coarse Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors ; Medium Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors; Fine Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors; Video Imaging and Multispectral Digital Photography; Hyperspectral Sensors; Radar and Passive Microwave Sensors; Lidar

    * Remote Sensing Analysis - Design and Implementation: chapters on Image Pre-Processing; Ground Data Collection; Integration with GIS; Quantitative Models in Remote Sensing; Validation and accuracy assessment;

    * Remote Sensing Analysis - Applications: LITHOSPHERIC SCIENCES: chapters on Topography; Geology; Soils; PLANT SCIENCES: Vegetation; Agriculture; HYDROSPHERIC and CRYSOPHERIC SCIENCES: Hydrosphere: Fresh and Ocean Water; Cryosphere; GLOBAL CHANGE AND HUMAN ENVIRONMENTS: Earth Systems; Human Environments & Links to the Social Sciences; Real Time Monitoring Systems and Disaster Management; Land Cover Change

    Illustrated throughout, an essential resource for the analysis of remotely sensed data, the SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing provides researchers with a definitive statement of the core concepts and methodologies in the discipline.

  • Historicizing theories, identities, and nations / edited by Regna Darnell, Frederic W. Gleach
    GN 33 H48 2017
    The Histories of Anthropology Annual presents diverse perspectives on the discipline's history within a global context, with a goal of increasing awareness and use of historical approaches in teaching, learning, and conducting anthropology. The series includes critical, comparative, analytical, and narrative studies involving all aspects and subfields of anthropology.

    Volume 11, Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations , examines the work and influence of scholars, including Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, John Dewey, Randolph Bourne, A. Irving Hallowell, and Edward Westermarck, and anthropological practices and theories in Vietnam and Ukraine as well as the United States. Contributions also focus on the influence of Western thought and practice on anthropological traditions, as well as issues of relativism, physical anthropology, language, epistemology, ethnography, and social synergy.

  • Interpretive autoethnography / Norman K. Denzin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    GN 346.6 D46 2014eb

  • Cultural anthropology : a reader for a global age / by Kenneth J. Guest, Baruch College, the City University of New York
    GN 316 G836 2018
    Best-selling author Ken Guest presents the essential readings and diverse voices that will help students understand their rapidly globalizing world. This concise, affordable reader is designed to complement any introductory syllabus and is the perfect companion to Guest's market-leading texts.

  • Sport cyberpsychology / Olivia A. Hurley
    GV 745 H86 2018

    Sport Cyberpsychology is the first book devoted to assessing the influence of technology on human interaction, behaviour and mental health in a sport context, gathering research on the use of technology and the Internet by athletes, coaches and sport science support staff.¿

    The book identifies the potential impact of technology on athletes' mental preparation for competition, as well as the role of technology in improving performance. It explores the use of technology by athletes and sport organisations for social interaction, while also considering the 'darker' side of athletes¿ Internet use.

    It covers topics including:

    the role of GPS, gaming and virtual reality in training and injury recovery the use of social media by athletes and sport organisations the psychology of self-presentation and brand management, as well as issues of online privacy the use of technology by other elite groups, such as military and medical personnel, and non-elite sportspeople cyberbullying and online harassment of athletes online gambling and athletes' mental health in relation to their online activities virtual learning environments and the educational opportunities the online world can offer athletes

    Accessibly written, with a companion website featuring lecture slides, reading lists, video links and suggested social media accounts, Sport Cyberpsychology offers a complete resource for students and instructors alike. It is important reading for any students of sport psychology, sport coaching or sport media, as well as coaches, athletes and sport science support staff.

  • Framing the environmental humanities / edited by Hannes Bergthaller, Peter Mortensen
    GF 22 F73 2018
    The concept of framing has long intrigued and troubled scholars in fields including philosophy, rhetoric, media studies and literary criticism. But framing also has rich implications for environmental debate, urging us to reconsider how we understand the relationship between humans and their ecological environment, culture and nature.
    The contributors to this wide-ranging volume use the concept of framing to engage with key questions in environmental literature, history, politics, film, TV, and pedagogy. In so doing, they show that framing can serve as a valuable analytical tool connecting different academic discourses within the emergent interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities. No less importantly, they demonstrate how increased awareness of framing strategies and framing effects can help us move society in a more sustainable direction.

  • Watch me play : Twitch and the rise of game live streaming / T.L. Taylor
    GV 1469.17 S63 T385 2018

    A look at the revolution in game live streaming and esports broadcasting

    Every day thousands of people broadcast their gaming live to audiences over the internet using popular sites such as Twitch, which reaches more than one hundred million viewers a month. In these new platforms for interactive entertainment, big esports events featuring digital game competitors live stream globally, and audiences can interact with broadcasters--and each other--through chat in real time. What are the ramifications of this exploding online industry? Taking readers inside home studios and backstage at large esports events, Watch Me Play investigates the rise of game live streaming and how it is poised to alter how we understand media and audiences.

    Through extensive interviews and immersion in this gaming scene, T. L. Taylor delves into the inner workings of the live streaming platform Twitch. From branding to business practices, she shows the pleasures and work involved in this broadcasting activity, as well as the management and governance of game live streaming and its hosting communities. At a time when gaming is being reinvented through social media, the potential of an ever-growing audience is transforming user-generated content and alternative distribution methods. These changes will challenge the meaning of ownership and intellectual property and open the way to new forms of creativity.

    The first book to explore the online phenomenon Twitch and live streaming games, Watch Me Play offers a vibrant look at the melding of private play and public entertainment.

  • The vampire : a new history / Nick Groom
    GR 830 V3 G70 2018
    An authoritative new history of the vampire, two hundred years after it first appeared on the literary scene

    Published to mark the bicentenary of John Polidori's publication of The Vampyre , Nick Groom's detailed new account illuminates the complex history of the iconic creature. The vampire first came to public prominence in the early eighteenth century, when Enlightenment science collided with Eastern European folklore and apparently verified outbreaks of vampirism, capturing the attention of medical researchers, political commentators, social theorists, theologians, and philosophers. Groom accordingly traces the vampire from its role as a monster embodying humankind's fears, to that of an unlikely hero for the marginalized and excluded in the twenty-first century.

    Drawing on literary and artistic representations, as well as medical, forensic, empirical, and sociopolitical perspectives, this rich and eerie history presents the vampire as a strikingly complex being that has been used to express the traumas and contradictions of the human condition.

  • Jerome Robbins : a life in dance / Wendy Lesser
    GV 1785 R52 L47 2018
    A lively and inspired biography celebrating the centennial of this master choreographer, dancer, and stage director

    Jerome Robbins (1918-1998) was born Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz and grew up in Weehawken, New Jersey, where his Russian-Jewish immigrant parents owned the Comfort Corset Company. Robbins, who was drawn to dance at a young age, resisted the idea of joining the family business. In 1936 he began working with Gluck Sandor, who ran a dance group and convinced him to change his name to Jerome Robbins. He went on to become a choreographer and director who worked in ballet, on Broadway, and in film. His stage productions include West Side Story, Peter Pan , and Fiddler on the Roof. In this deft biography, Wendy Lesser presents Jerome Robbins's life through his major dances, providing a sympathetic, detailed portrait of her subject.

  • Complexity and resilience in the social and ecological sciences / Eoin Flaherty
    GF 50 F53 2019
    This book introduces a new approach to environmental sociology, by integrating complexity-informed social science, Marxian ecological theory, and resilience-based human ecology. It argues that sociologists have largely ignored developments in ecology which move beyond functionalist approaches to systems analysis, and as a result, environmental sociology has failed to capitalise not only on the analytical promise of resilience ecology, but on complementary developments in complexity theory. By tracing the origins and discussing current developments in each of these areas, it offers several paths to interdisciplinary dialogue. Eoin Flaherty argues that complexity theory and Marxian ecology can enhance our understanding of the social aspect of social-ecological systems, whilst a resilience approach can sharpen the analytical power of environmental sociology.

  • Glaciation : a very short introduction / David J. A. Evans
    GB 2403.2 E93 2018
    Vast, majestic, and often stunningly beautiful, glaciers lock up some 10% of the world's freshwater. These great bodies of ice play an important part in the Earth system, carving landscapes and influencing climate on regional and hemispheric scales, as well as having a significant impact onglobal sea level. Throughout time, the Earth has experienced various major glaciations in its deep history, long before the ice ages of the Quaternary, and the observed effects of climate change on glaciers have recently brought them to the forefront of public attention. This Very Short Introduction offers an overview of glaciers and ice sheets as systems, considering the role of geomorphology and sedimentology in studying them, and their impacts on our planet in terms of erosional and depositional processes. Looking at our glaciers today, and their ongoingprocesses, David Evans considers the extent to which we can use this knowledge in reconstructing and interpreting ancient glacial landscapes. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, andenthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

  • Food, politics, and society : social theory and the modern food system / Alejandro Colás, Jason Edwards, Jane Levi, and Sami Zubaida
    GT 2850 C57 2018
    Food and drink has been a focal point of modern social theory since the inception of agrarian capitalism and the industrial revolution. From Adam Smith to Mary Douglas, major thinkers have used key concepts such as identity, exchange, culture, and class to explain the modern food system. Food, Politics, and Society offers a historical and sociological survey of how these various ideas and the practices that accompany them have shaped our understanding and organization of the production, processing, preparation, serving, and consumption of food and drink in modern societies. Divided into twelve chapters and drawing on a wide range of historical and empirical illustrations, this book provides a concise, informed, and accessible survey of the interaction between social theory and food and drink. It is perfect for courses in a wide range of disciplines.

  • After the death of nature : Carolyn Merchant and the future of human-nature relations / edited by Kenneth Worthy, Elizabeth Allison, and Whitney A. Bauman
    GF 503 A38 2019

    Carolyn Merchant¿s foundational 1980 book The Death of Nature: Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution established her as a pioneering researcher of human-nature relations. Her subsequent groundbreaking writing in a dozen books and over one hundred peer-reviewed articles have only fortified her position as one of the most influential scholars of the environment. This book examines and builds upon her decades-long legacy of innovative environmental thought and her critical responses to modern mechanistic and patriarchal conceptions of nature and women as well as her systematic taxonomies of environmental thought and action. Seventeen scholars and activists assess, praise, criticize, and extend Merchant¿s work to arrive at a better and more complete understanding of the human place in nature today and the potential for healthier and more just relations with nature and among people in the future. Their contributions offer personal observations of Merchant¿s influence on the teaching, research, and careers of other environmentalists.

  • Video games as culture : considering the role and importance of video games in contemporary society / Daniel Muriel and Garry Crawford
    GV 1469.34 S52 M87 2018

    Video games are becoming culturally dominant. But what does their popularity say about our contemporary society? This book explores video game culture, but in doing so, utilizes video games as a lens through which to understand contemporary social life.

    Video games are becoming an increasingly central part of our cultural lives, impacting on various aspects of everyday life such as our consumption, communities, and identity formation. Drawing on new and original empirical data ¿ including interviews with gamers, as well as key representatives from the video game industry, media, education, and cultural sector ¿ Video Games as Culture not only considers contemporary video game culture, but also explores how video games provide important insights into the modern nature of digital and participatory culture, patterns of consumption and identity formation, late modernity, and contemporary political rationalities.

    This book will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, interested in fields such Video Games, Sociology, and Media and Cultural Studies. It will also be useful for those interested in the wider role of culture, technology, and consumption in the transformation of society, identities, and communities.

  • Celebrating Canada / edited by Matthew Hayday and Raymond B. Blake
    GT 4813 A2 C434 2016

    Holidays are a key to helping us understand the transformation of national, regional, community and ethnic identities. In Celebrating Canada , Matthew Hayday and Raymond Blake situate Canada in an international context as they examine the history and evolution of our national and provincial holidays and annual celebrations.

    The contributors to this volume examine such holidays as Dominion Day, Victoria Day, Quebec's Fête Nationale and Canadian Thanksgiving , among many others. They also examine how Canadians celebrate the national days of other countries (like the Fourth of July) and how Dominion Day was observed in the United Kingdom. Drawing heavily on primary source research, and theories of nationalism, identities and invented traditions , the essays in this collection deepen our understanding of how these holidays have influenced the evolution of Canadian identities .

  • The encyclopedia of figure skating / John Malone
    GV 849 M34 1998
    A timely A-to-Z compendium documenting a sport that is burgeoning in popularity, The Encyclopedia of Figure Skating contains: fascinating biographies of champion skaters from around the world, such as Jackson Haines, the father of modern figure skating, Sonja Henie, Dick Button, Peggy Fleming, Christopher Dean, Jayne Torvill, Surya Bonaly, Brian Boitano, Chen Lu, Michelle Kwan, and Tara Lipinski, among many others; histories of the major branches of competition; descriptions of figure skating forms, such as school figures, the axel, the flying camel, the death spin, the lutz, the loop jump, and many more; information about referees; scoring systems; the distinction between amateur and professional standings; how judges are selected; how music and musicality are integral to the sort; the evolution of skating costumes; appendices listing U.S., World, and Olympic medalists from the first recorded results of these competitions to the present; as well as a useful index; and more.
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