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M - Music and Books on Music - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Music and Books on Music that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Music in the street : photographs of New Orleans / by Ralston Crawford ; introduction by Curtis D. Jerde ; introduction to the photographs by John H. Lawrence ; an exhibition sponsored by the Historic New Orleans Collection, the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive of Tulane University, April 13-July 22, 1983
    ML 3508.8 N48 C7 1983

  • A new approach to sight singing / Sol Berkowitz, Gabriel Fontrier, Leo Kraft, Perry Goldstein, Edward Smaldone
    MT 870 B485 N5 2017
    A New Approach to Sight Singing combines author-composed exercises with carefully selected excerpts from the literature, all arranged for an ideal pedagogical progression.

  • Jan in 35 pieces : a memoir in music / Ian Hampton
    ML 418 H232A3 2018eb

  • Working for the man, playing in the band / Damon Wood with Phil Carson
    ML 419 W874A3 2018eb
    In this unvarnished account of toiling under one of popular music's most notorious bosses, Damon Wood details his six years spent playing guitar for James Brown's Soul Generals. In a memoir certain to fascinate Mr. Dynamite's millions of fans, as well as musicians and industry insiders, Wood recalls how a chance encounter with James Brown led him to embrace soul and funk music under the tutelage of its greatest progenitor. Numerous interviews with bandmates provide multiple perspectives on James Brown's complex character, his leadership of his band, the nature of soul and funk, and insights and sometimes harsh lessons learned along the way. This is a sideman's story of the gritty reality of working close to the spotlight but rarely in it. Damon Wood describes life on the road - often on James Brown's infamous tour bus - with one guitar, a change of clothes, and two dozen comrades-in-arms as they brought the funk to clubs, theatres, and the biggest music festivals on earth. Working for

  • Les récits cachés de Richard Wagner : art poétique, rêve et sexualité du Vaisseau fantôme à Parsifal / Jean-Jacques Nattiez
    ML 410 W13N284 2018eb

  • The never-ending present : the story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip / Michael Barclay
    ML 421 T765B23 2018eb
    In the summer of 2016, more than a third of Canadians tuned in to watch what was likely the Tragically Hip's final performance, broadcast from their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. Why? Because these five men were always more than just a band. They sold millions of records and defined a generation of Canadian rock music. But they were also a tabula rasa onto which fans could project their own ideas: of performance, of poetry, of history, of Canada itself. In the first print biography of the Tragically Hip, Michael Barclay talks to dozens of the band's peers and friends about not just the Hip's music but about the opening bands, the American albatross, the band's role in Canadian culture, and Gord Downie's role in reconciliation with Indigenous people. When Downie announced he had terminal cancer and decided to take the Hip on the road one more time, the tour became another Terry Fox moment; this time, Canadians got to witness an embattled hero reach the finish line.

  • Bon : the last highway : the untold story of Bon Scott and AC/DC's Back in black / Jesse Fink
    ML 421 A28F55 2017eb

  • Les opéras de Verdi : éléments d'un langage musico-dramatique / Steven Huebner
    ML 410 V4H72 2017eb

  • Connectionist representations of tonal music : discovering musical patterns by interpreting artificial neural networks / Michael R.W. Dawson
    ML 3830 D39 2018eb
    Previously, artificial neural networks have been used to capture only the informal properties of music. However, cognitive scientist Michael Dawson found that by training artificial neural networks to make basic judgments concerning tonal music, such as identifying the tonic of a scale or the quality of a musical chord, the networks revealed formal musical properties that differ dramatically from those typically presented in music theory. For example, where Western music theory identifies twelve distinct notes or pitch-classes, trained artificial neural networks treat notes as if they belong to only three or four pitch-classes, a wildly different interpretation of the components of tonal music.Intended to introduce readers to the use of artificial neural networks in the study of music, this volume contains numerous case studies and research findings that address problems related to identifying scales, keys, classifying musical chords, and learning jazz chord progressions. A detailed analysis of the internal structure of trained networks could yield important contributions to the field of music cognition.

  • The lives of music therapists : profiles in creativity. edited by John F. Mahoney
    ML 3920 L584 2017eb

  • Music and public health : a Nordic perspective / Lars Ole Bonde, Töres Theorell, editors

  • Stories of the great operas and their composers
    MT 95 N5 1945
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