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N - Fine Arts - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Fine Arts that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Kapwani Kiwanga avec Corinna Ewald, Smaranda Olcèse et Julie Pellegrin : atelier de l'artiste, Paris, 25 avril 2015
    N 6549 K59A35 2017

  • Architectures of Herzog & de Meuron / portraits by Thomas Ruff ; introduction by Terence Riley ; texts by Steven Holl ... [et al. ; photographers, Balthasar Burkhard ... et al. ; translation from the German by Catherine Schelbert]
    NA 1353 H47 A4 1995
    Published on the occasion of the exhibition Herzog & de Meuron held in summer, 1994 at Peter Blum and the Swiss Institute in New York.

  • Felix Gonzalez-Torres / interview by Tim Rollins ; essay by Susan Cahan ; short story by Jan Avgikos
    N 6537 G628 A4 1993
    "Born in Cuba, Felix Gonzalez-Torres is best known for public artworks which invite the viewer's participation. In this publication, illustrated with video and performance stills and reproductions, the artist talks about his commitment to social change and the role of the artist in society. One of the few in-depth publications on this pivotal conceptual artist."

  • Delacroix et la photographie / Jean Sagne ; préface de Arlette Sérullaz
    ND 553 D33 S23 1982

  • Art in the age of mass media / John A. Walker
    N 72 M28 W34 1983

  • Painting and photography, 1839-1914 / Dominique de Font-Réaulx ; translated from the French by David Radzinowicz
    N 72 P5 F66 2012
    This comprehensive study offers detailed analysis of how classical painting challenged, resisted, and was influenced by the emergence of photography. Photography divided opinion since its invention; some saw it as an invaluable tool in the enhancement of artistic production, for others it was too mechanical to ever represent the grand concept of "art." This volume examines the fraught yet rich relationship that developed between them, from portraiture and landscapes to still lifes, nudes, and tableaux vivants. Accompanied by a rich selection of illustrations, the text charts this fascinating history from photography's first forays into the public domain and the organizations set up to defend it against criticism, to the influence of figures such as Daguerre, whose daguerreotype invention raised the possibility of being able to accurately replicate images. This volume explores not only photography's fight for recognition, but also its impact on painters of the day, as it challenged them to devise new ways to capture the human form, and forever changed the face of art.

  • Art has no history! : the making and unmaking of modern art / edited by John Roberts
    N 6490 A7166 1994
    In this collection of essays, the art critic, John Roberts, draws together studies of key post-war and contemporary artists. Written by art historians and artist-writers, these essays take a critical look at the construction of recent modern art history in both its traditional and radical forms. The artists discussed include Francis Picabia, Ad Reinhardt, Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Jasper Johns, Anselm Keifer, Mary Kelly, Cindy Sherman, Victor Burgin and Laurie Anderson.

  • It is difficult : ten years / Alfredo Jaar
    N 6537 J26 A4 1998
    This important retrospective of Alfredo Jaar's work brings together projects from 1986 - 1996.

  • The architecture of Adolf Loos : an Arts Council exhibition / [catalogue written and edited by Yehuda Safran and Wilfried Wang, assisted by Mildred Budny ; translations of Loos's writings and contributors' essays by Wilfried Wang, with Rosamund Diamond and Robert Godsill]
    NA 1011.5 L6 A4 1985

  • Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti
    ND 259 K33 A4 1982

  • Design of sunshading devices / A. Monem Saleh ; with production assistance from P.P. Narang
    NA 2542 S6S18 1988eb

  • Tall buildings : sixth International Conference on Tall Buildings ; Mini Sympoisum on Sustainable Cities ; Mini Symposium on Planning, Design and Socio-Economic Aspects of Tall Residential Living Environment, Hong Kong, China, 6-8 December 2005 / editors, Y.K. Cheung, K.W. Chau ; organisers, the University of Hong Kong, Tongji University, China Academy of Building Research
    NA 6230 I58 2005eb

  • An introduction to medieval ivory carvings / Paul Williamson
    NK 5870 W54 1982

  • An introduction to Indian court painting / Andrew Topsfield
    ND 1337 I5 T66 1984b

  • Exposed : the Victorian nude / edited by Alison Smith ; with contributions by Robert Upstone [and others]
    N 7572 E95 2001
    The apogee of High Culture, or an assault on public morality? The representation of the nude figure was one of the most contraversial issues in Victorian art. This publication surveys the full range of Victorian representations of the nude, both male and female concentrating on painting, sculpture and drawing, but also exploring the artistic depiction of the naked body in other media, both high and low, including photography, popular illustration, advertizing imagery and caricature, foregrounding issues of morality, sexuality and desire that remain relevant in the 21st century.

  • Henri Rivière, graveur et photographe : catalogue / établi et rédigé par François Fossier, Françoise Heilbrunn et Philippe Néagu
    NE 650 R58 A4 1988

  • The lonely city : adventures in the art of being alone / Olivia Laing
    N 71 L24 2016

    Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism

    #1 Book of the Year from Brain Pickings

    Named a best book of the year by NPR, Newsweek, Slate, Pop Sugar , Marie Claire , Elle, Publishers Weekly , and Lit Hub

    A dazzling work of biography, memoir, and cultural criticism on the subject of loneliness, told through the lives of iconic artists, by the acclaimed author of The Trip to Echo Spring .

    When Olivia Laing moved to New York City in her midthirties, she found herself inhabiting loneliness on a daily basis. Increasingly fascinated by the most shameful of experiences, she began to explore the lonely city by way of art. Moving from Edward Hopper's Nighthawks to Andy Warhol's Time Capsules, from Henry Darger's hoarding to David Wojnarowicz's AIDS activism, Laing conducts an electric, dazzling investigation into what it means to be alone, illuminating not only the causes ofloneliness but also how it might be resisted and redeemed.

    Humane, provocative, and moving, The Lonely City is a celebration of a strange and lovely state, adrift from the larger continent of human experience, but intrinsic to the very act of being alive.

  • New York Dada : Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia ; Städt. Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München, 15. Dez. 1973-27. Jan. 1974 ; Kunsthalle Tübingen, 9. März 1974-28. April 1974 / Arturo Schwarz. Hrsg. von Armin Zweite ; Michael Petzet ; und Götz Adriani
    N 6535 N5 N38 1973

  • A history of Roman art / Steven L. Tuck
    N 5740 T83 2015

    A History of Roman Art provides a wide-ranging survey of the subject from the founding of Rome to the rule of Rome's first Christian emperor, Constantine. Incorporating the most up-to-date information available on the topic, this new textbook explores the creation, use, and meaning of art in the Roman world.

    Extensively illustrated with 375 color photographs and line drawings Broadly defines Roman art to include the various cultures that contributed to the Roman system Focuses throughout on the overarching themes of Rome's cultural inclusiveness and art's important role in promoting Roman values Discusses a wide range of Roman painting, mosaic, sculpture, and decorative arts, as well as architecture and associated sculptures within the cultural contexts they were created and developed Offers helpful and instructive pedagogical features for students, such as timelines; key terms defined in margins; a glossary; sidebars with key lessons and explanatory material on artistic technique, stories, and ancient authors; textboxes on art and literature, art from the provinces, and important scholarly perspectives; and primary sources in translation A book companion website is available at www.wiley.com/go/romanart with the following resources: PowerPoint slides, glossary, and timeline

    Steven Tuck is the 2014 recipient of the American Archaeological Association's Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.

  • Fantasy postcards / [compiled by] William Ouellette ; with an introd. by Barbara Jones
    NC 1872 F36 1975

  • The writing on the wall : the work of Joane Cardinal-Schubert / edited by Lindsey V. Sharman
    ND 249 C277C378 2017eb

  • No man's land : the life and art of Mary Riter Hamilton / Kathryn A. Young and Sarah M. McKinnon
    ND 249 H355Y58 2017eb
    What force of will and circumstance drove a woman from a comfortable life painting china tea services to one of hardship and loneliness in the battle zones of France and Belgium following the Great War? For western Canadian artist Mary Riter Hamilton (1868-1954), art was her life's passion. Her tale is one of tragedy and adventure, from homestead beginnings, to genteel drawing rooms in Winnipeg, Victoria and Vancouver, to Berlin and Parisian art schools, to Vimy and Ypres, and finally to illness and poverty in old age. "No Man's Land" is the first biographical study of Hamilton, whose work can be found in galleries and art museums throughout Canada. Young and McKinnon's meticulous research in unpublished private collections brings to light new correspondence between Hamilton and her friends, revealing the importance of female networks to an artist's well being. Her letters from abroad, in particular, bring a woman's perspective into the immediate post-war period and give voice to trying conditions. Hamilton's career is situated within the context of her peers Florence Carlyle, Emily Carr, and Sophie Pemberton with whom she shared a Canadian and European experience.

  • The roots of culture, the power of art : the first sixty years of the Canada Council for the Arts / Monica Gattinger
    NX 750 C3G38 2017eb

  • Quebec : a painting by Adam Miller
    ND 237 M55A68 2017ebeb

  • The devout hand : women, virtue, and visual culture in early modern Italy / Patricia B. Rocco
    N 6921 B7R63 2017eb

  • Le quartier du musée : histoire et architecture / Michelle Guitard
    NA 747 G38G85 2018eb
    Le Quartier du Musée, situé en face du Musée canadiende l'histoire dans le secteur Hull de la Ville de Gatineau,est le lieu d'origine identitaire des francophones del'Outaouais.
    Première paroisse catholique française de Hull avec ses bâtiments institutionnels, résidentiels etcommerciaux, le Quartier du Musée regroupe unensemble de références socioéconomiques ethistoriques, plus particulièrement pour la sociétécatholique et canadienne-française de la région.Un des rares témoins de la Ville de Hull d'avant 1900,son patrimoine bâti ancien reflète l'adaptation desdivers courants architecturaux de la région de lacapitale nationale du Canada : 53 des bâtimentsde ce quartier datent d'avant 1910, alors que44 précèdent l'incendie de 1900.
    Les brèves histoires des propriétaires et occupantsrévèlent l'évolution de l'histoire sociale, économique etculturelle de l'Outaouais. Les activités socioéconomiquesdes habitants, propriétaires et locataires permettent demieux connaître les nombreuses personnalités qui ontjoué un rôle de grande importance dans l'histoire de laville et de la région.

  • Stratégies figuratives dans l'art juif : étude de trois haggadot sépharades du XIVe siècle / Olga Hazan
    ND 3380.4 H33H39 2017eb

  • Ordinary paradise : essays on art and culture / Richard Teleky
    NX 643 T45 2018eb

  • Regards interdiscip̂linaires sur les publics de la culture / sous la direction de Marie-Claude Larouche, Jason Luckerhoff et Stéphane Labbé ; préface de Bernard Schiele
    NX 180 S6R43 2017eb

  • Refus global : histoire d'une réception partielle / Sophie Dubois
    ND 249 B6D82 2017eb

  • Edmund Alleyn : biographie / Gilles Lapointe
    ND 249 A47L36 2017eb

  • Le vivre-ensemble à l'épreuve des pratiques culturelles et artistiques contemporaines / sous la direction, d'Ève Lamoureux et de Magali Uhl
    NX 180 S6V863 2018eb

  • The Videofag book / edited by William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill
    NX 513 T67V53 2017eb
    In October 2012, lovers William Ellis and Jordan Tannahill moved into a former barbershop in Toronto's Kensington Market neighbourhood and turned it into an art space called Videofag. Over the next four years Videofag became a hub for counterculture in the city, playing host to a litany of performances, screenings, parties, exhibitions, and all manner of queer fuckery. But hosting a city in their house took its toll and eventually William and Jordan broke up, closing the space for good in June 2016.

    The Videofag Book is a chronicle of those four years told through multiple voices and mediums: a personal history by William and Jordan; a love letter by Jon Davies; a communal oral history compiled by Chandler Levack; a play by Greg MacArthur; a poem by Aisha Sasha John; a chronological history of Videofag's programming; and a photo archive curated by William and Jordan in full colour.

  • Sketches from an unquiet country : Canadian graphic satire, 1840-1940 / edited by Dominic Hardy, Annie Gérin, and Lora Senechal Carney
    NC 1445 S64 2018eb

  • D'Arcy Wilson : the memorialist
    N 6549 W5485 A4 2017

  • L'Art en Inde / C. Sivaramamurti ; répertoires mythologiques, historiques et littéraires par Nicole Balbir
    N 7302 S58 1974

  • Betty Goodwin : oeuvres de 1971 à 1987 = works from 1971 to 1987 / Yolande Racine
    N 6549 G66 A4 1987

  • Neo-liberalism and the architecture of the post professional era / edited by Hossein Sadri, editor

  • Energy optimization and prediction in office buildings : a case study of office building design in Chile / Carlos Rubio-Bellido, Alexis Pérez-Fargallo, Jesús Pulido-Arcas

  • The mathematics of the modernist villa : architectural analysis using space syntax and Isovists / Michael J. Ostwald, Michael J. Dawes

  • Digital echoes : spaces for intangible and performance-based cultural heritage / Sarah Whatley, Rosamaria K. Cisneros, Amalia Sabiescu, editors

  • Islamic design : a mathematical approach / Brian Wichmann, David Wade

  • The magic hour : the convergence of art and Las Vegas = die Konvergenz von Kunst und Las Vegas / Alex Farquharson (ed.)
    N 8214.5 U6 M24 2001
    Is Las Vegas, the capital of the Western entertainment complex, also set to become the capital of art? A large number of artists live there or visit often, Venice was partially reconstructed there, and the Bellagio resort and casino house an art collection that includes El Grecos and Picassos promoted as if they were Frank Sinatra or the Beach Boys. At this historic moment, art is losing the visionary power to which it used to lay claim and is instead drawing closer to the forms of the entertainment industry, from lifestyle and game shows to Hollywood cinema and music videos. In a paradoxical turn of events, the society of the spectacle has become a reality and Las Vegas is becoming the capital of the future culture industry. Dave Hickey and art historian Libby Lumpkin moved to Las Vegas in the early 90s. For Hickey, the Strip has served as a platform for his critique of the elitist and purist structure of values within the art world.
    In 1992, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi, and Steven Izenour published "Learning from Las Vegas," providing a seminal and radical reevaluation of the vernacular architecture of what was then one of America's most culturally neglected cities.

  • Buildings of Nevada / Julie Nicoletta ; with photographs by Bret Morgan
    NA 730 N3 N53 2000
    Landlocked, arid, and infertile, Nevada is one of the least hospitable regions in the United States. Although it is dominated by its wild landscape, Nevada boasts a colorful human history and a rich architectural heritage. This volume, the newest in the acclaimed Buildings of the United Statesseries, offers a comprehensive tour of Nevada's highly distinctive architecture-from old ghost mining towns to the Las Vegas strip, pioneer forts to mega casinos, the silent majesty of the Hoover Dam to the quirkiness of drive-in wedding chapels. Organized by region, the book is a fascinating surveyof more than 200 historic sites, including churches, courthouses, schools, homes, historic railroads, copper mines, forts, hotels, and more. Detailed descriptions set all of these diverse forms of building into social, political, historical, and stylistic context. Featuring 250 original photographs,maps, and drawings, this extraordinary volume is the most complete guide of its kind.

  • Architecture and field/work / edited by Suzanne Ewing [and others]
    NA 2543 A58 A74 2011

    Identifying and critically discussing the key terms, techniques, methodologies and habits that comprise our understanding of fieldwork in architectural education, research and practice, this book collates contributions by established and emerging international scholars. It will be of interest to critical practitioners, researchers, scholars and students of architecture.

    A selection of critical historiographies, theoretical strategies and reflective design practices challenge us to think seriously about our knowledge, experience and application of fieldwork in architecture.

  • Montage and the metropolis : architecture, modernity, and the representation of space / Martino Stierli
    NA 500 S75 2018
    Montage has been hailed as one of the key structural principles of modernity, yet its importance to the history of modern thought about cities and their architecture has never been adequately explored. In this groundbreaking new work, Martino Stierli charts the history of montage in late 19th‑century urban and architectural contexts, its application by the early 20th‑century avant‑gardes, and its eventual appropriation in the postmodern period. With chapters focusing on photomontage, the film theories of Sergei Eisenstein, Mies van der Rohe's spatial experiments, and Rem Koolhaas's use of literary montage in his seminal manifesto Delirious New York (1978), Stierli demonstrates the centrality of montage in modern explorations of space, and in conceiving and representing the contemporary city. Beautifully illustrated, this interdisciplinary book looks at architecture, photography, film, literature, and visual culture, featuring works by artists and architects including Mies, Koolhaas, Paul Citroen, George Grosz, Hannah Höch, El Lissitzky, and Le Corbusier.

  • Brian O'Doherty : collected essays / edited by Liam Kelly ; introduction by Anne-Marie Bonnet
    NX 65 O34 2018
    This long-awaited volume brings together much of Brian O'Doherty's most influential writing, including essays on major figures such as Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol, and a substantial follow-up to his iconic Inside the White Cube . New pieces specifically authored for this collection include a meditation on O'Doherty's various alternate personae--most notably Patrick Ireland--and a reflection on his seminal "Highway to Las Vegas" from 1972, penned after a return visit in 2012. The beautifully written texts, many of which have been unavailable in print, are insightfully introduced by art historian Anne-Marie Bonnet and complemented by forty-five color illustrations of artwork discussed in the essays as well as documentary photographs of O'Doherty and other major art-world figures. Adventurous, original, and essentially O'Doherty, this collection reveals his provocative charm and enduring influence as a public intellectual.

  • Charles White : a retrospective / edited by Sarah Kelly Oehler and Esther Adler ; with essays by Esther Adler, Ilene Susan Fort, Kellie Jones, Sarah Kelly Oehler, Mark Pascale, and Deborah Willis ; and a preface by Kerry James Marshall
    N 6537 W44 A4 2018
    A revelatory reassessment of one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century

    Charles White (1918-1979) is best known for bold, large-scale paintings and drawings of African Americans, meticulously executed works that depict human relationships and socioeconomic struggles with a remarkable sensitivity. This comprehensive study offers a much-needed reexamination of the artist's career and legacy. With handsome reproductions of White's finest paintings, drawings, and prints, the volume introduces his work to contemporary audiences, reclaims his place in the art-historical narrative, and stresses the continuing relevance of his insistent dedication to producing positive social change through art.

    Tracing White's career from his emergence in Chicago to his mature practice as an artist, activist, and educator in New York and Los Angeles, leading experts provide insights into White's creative process, his work as a photographer, his political activism and interest in history, the relationship between his art and his teaching, and the importance of feminism in his work. A preface by Kerry James Marshall addresses White's significance as a mentor to an entire generation of practitioners and underlines the importance of this largely overlooked artist.

  • Sketches from an unquiet country : Canadian graphic satire, 1840-1940 / edited by Dominic Hardy, Annie Gérin, and Lora Senechal Carney
    NC 1445 S64 2018
    Canadian readers have enjoyed their own graphic satire since colonial times and Canadian artists have thrived as they took aim at the central issues and figures of their age. Graphic satire, a combination of humorous drawing and text that usually involves caricature, is a way of taking an ethical stand about contemporary politics and society. First appearing in short-lived illustrated weeklies in Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto in the 1840s, usually as unsigned copies of engravings from European magazines, the genre spread quickly as skilled local illustrators, engravers, painters, and sculptors joined the teams of publishers and writers who sought to shape public opinion and public policy. A detailed account of Canadian graphic satire, Sketches from an Unquiet Country looks at a century bookended by the aftermath of the 1837-38 Rebellions and Canada's entry into the Second World War. As fully fledged artist-commentators, Canadian cartoonists were sometimes gently ironic, but they were just as often caustic and violent in the pursuit of a point of view. This volume shows a country where conflicts crop up between linguistic and religious communities, a country often resistant to social and political change for women and open to the cross-currents of anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and fascism that flared across Europe and North America in the early twentieth century. Drawing on new scholarship by researchers working in art history, material culture, and communication studies, Sketches from an Unquiet Country follows the fortunes of some of the artists and satiric themes that were prevalent in the centres of Canadian publishing.

  • Figuring history : Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas / edited by Catharina Manchanda ; with essays by Jacqueline Francis and Lowery Stokes Sims
    ND 238 N5 F54 2018
    Contemporary artists Robert Colescott (1925-2009), Kerry James Marshall (b. 1955), and Mickalene Thomas (b. 1971) are distinguished by their attention to a history of representation, which they re-visit and revise to reflect on individual and collective Black experience. Equally engaged with social and political histories, and the history of art, Colescott, Marshall, and Thomas have created works that at times poignantly and satirically critique dominant narratives and posit alternatives. By considering these artists together, this thought-provoking book expands our understanding of contemporary history painting, a genre first defined during the 17th century and known for didactic paintings that often depicted Biblical or mythological subjects, and expressed the tastes and narratives of a ruling class. Colescott, Marshall, and Thomas marry appreciation of these traditional forms of representation to a deep understanding of contemporary American culture to create insightful works that disrupt historic narratives and read canonic art history against the grain.

  • Art in the age of the internet : 1989 to today / edited by Eva Respini
    NX 180 I57 A77 2018
    A richly illustrated and expansive investigation of how the internet has influenced contemporary artistic practice over the past thirty years

    Featuring essays by leading curators, scholars, and critics, this book provides an in-depth look at how the internet has impacted visual art over the past three decades. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to Black Lives Matter, the internet's promise to foster communication across borders and democratize information has evolved alongside its rapidly developing technologies. While it has introduced radical changes to how art is made, disseminated, and perceived, the internet has also inspired artists to create inventive and powerful work that addresses new conceptions of community and identity, modes of surveillance, and tactics for resistance.

    Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today traces the relationship between internet culture and artistic practice through the work of contemporary artists such as Ed Atkins, Camille Henrot, and Anicka Yi, and looks back to pre-internet pioneers including Nam June Paik. Conversations between artists reveal how they have tackled similar issues using different technological tools. Touching on a variety of topics that range from emergent ideas of the body and human enhancement to the effects of digital modes of production on traditional media, and featuring more than 200 images of works including painting, performance, photography, sculpture, video, and web-based projects, this volume is packed with insightful revelations about how the internet has affected the trajectory of contemporary art.

  • Mona Hatoum : terra infirma / Michelle White ; with contributions by Anna C. Chave, Adania Shibli, Rebecca Solnit
    N 6797 H338 A4 2017
    A fresh and engaging look at the groundbreaking work of contemporary artist Mona Hatoum

    The work of London-based artist Mona Hatoum (b. 1952) addresses the growing unease of an ever-expanding world that is as technologically networked as it is fractured by war and exile. Best known for sculptures that transform domestic objects such as kitchen utensils or cribs into things strange and threatening, Hatoum conducts multilayered investigations of the body, politics, and gender that express a powerful and pervasive sense of precariousness. Her works are never simple and often elicit conflicting emotions, such as fascination and fear, desire and revulsion.

    This copiously illustrated presentation of Hatoum's oeuvre offers critical and art historical essays by Michelle White and Anna C. Chave and imaginative texts by Rebecca Solnit and Adania Shibli, which contextualize the artist's work and its relationship to Surrealism, Minimalism, feminism, and politics. With extensive discussions on a selection of significant sculptures and installations, some of which are previously unpublished, Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma provides an insightful look at one of the most exciting and influential artists working today.

  • Le Lactume / Réjean Ducharme ; inédit présenté par Rolf Puls
    NC 143 D82 A4 2017

  • Georgia O'Keeffe : watercolors 1916-1918
    ND 237 O5 A4 2016

    Georgia O'Keeffe's turn toward abstraction: luscious watercolors of the Texan landscape and her own body

    Georgia O'Keeffe: Watercolors catalogues the first major exhibition of the nearly 50 watercolors created by O'Keeffe between 1916 and 1918, while she lived in Canyon, Texas. These years mark a period of radical innovation for the artist, during which she firmly established her commitment to abstraction. While her work in Texas is often understood as merely a prelude to her career in New York City, these watercolors and drawings mark a seminal stage in O'Keeffe's artistic formation, representing the pivotal intersection of her disciplined art practice and her allegiance to the revolutionary techniques of her mentor, Arthur Wesley Dow.

    O'Keeffe's watercolors explore the texture and landscape of the Texas desert and the artist's own body in an exceptionally fragile and sensitive medium, representing a substantial achievement in their own right. These early works also relate to O'Keeffe's large-scale oil paintings, which in their handling of color and texture in some ways seem to aspire to the condition of watercolor. Designed to emphasize direct contact with these beautiful works, Watercolors features full-scale color reproductions of the paintings, most of which are approximately 8x12 inches in scale, offering a powerful testament to the significance of the watercolors in O'Keeffe's creative evolution. Also included (in a wallet at the rear of the book) is a lengthy essay by Amy Von Lintel featuring archival photographs of O'Keeffe from these years.

    Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) is best known for her distinctive paintings of flowers and landscapes which applied a precise, often hard-edged abstract language to evocative natural forms. Dubbed the "mother of American modernism," O'Keeffe produced more than 1,000 artworks in a career of more than 60 years.

  • Rodney Graham : that's not me / edited by Alessandro Vincentelli
    N 6549 G73 A4 2017

  • Evan Penny : ask your body / edited by Michael Short
    NB 249 P46 A4 2017
    Supported by the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Curia Patriarcale di Venezia, the exhibition (organized in Venice for the 57th International Art Exhibition) will feature 6 new sculptures, made from pigmented silicone, hair and aluminium, and 2 photographs by Evan Penny. The sculptures are firmly rooted in the artist's longstanding interest in the human body and how viewers perceive their relationship with themselves and others. While the artist has expanded his sculptural repertoire by openly referencing art from other eras, Evan Penny: Ask Your Body primarily emphasizes the visceral manner with which viewers experience the works. The sculptures, several of which are monumentally scaled, can be described as meditations on the many conditions of being human: aspiring to be god- like and failing ( Marsyas ); the body subjected to the sacrifices and indignities of life on earth ( Homage to Holbein ); having one's body regarded as fragmented and dislocated ( Hanging Torso and Self Portrait after G#65533;ricault's Fragments Anatomiques ); and creating empathy through the imagined history of the artist's life, as represented by a fictional period from the past ( Young Self ) and from the future ( Old Self ).

  • Teaching and learning emergent research methodologies in art education / Candace Jesse Stout, editor ; [contributors, authors, Lynn Beudert, and 11 others]
    N 345 T43 2013

  • Worldmaking as techné : participatory art, music, and architecture / edited by Mark-David Hosale, Sana Murrani, and Alberto de Campo ; with a foreword by Roy Ascott
    N 7433.915 W67 2018

  • The artist as curator : an anthology / edited by Elena Filipovic
    N 72 A77 A78 2017

    Taking that ambiguous thing we call "the exhibition" as a critical medium, artists have often radically rethought conventional forms of exhibition making. The Artist as Curator: An Anthology , born out of a series of essays originally published in Mousse , surveys seminal examples of such artist-curated exhibitions from the postwar to the present, examined by the world's foremost curators and illustrated with rare documents and illustrations.

    Artists featured include the Avant-Garde Argentinian Visual Artists Group; Mel Bochner; Marcel Broothaers; John Cage; Judy Chicago, Miriam Schapiro and the CalArts Feminist Art Program; Collaborative Projects Inc. (Colab); Liam Gillick and Philippe Parreno; Group Material; Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore; David Hammons; Martin Kippenberger; Mark Leckey; H lio Oiticica; Walid Raad and Akram Zaatari; Martha Rosler; and Andy Warhol, among other examples drawn from around the globe.

  • Andil Gosine : all the flowers
    N 6549 G676 A4 2018

  • Seeing ourselves : women's self-portraits / Frances Borzello
    N 71 B673 2018
    This richly diverse exploration of female artists and self-portraits is a brilliant and poignant demonstration of originality in works of haunting variety. The two earliest self-portraits come from 12th-century illuminated manuscripts in which nuns gaze at us across eight centuries. In 16th-century Italy, Sofonisba Anguissola paints one of the longest series of self-portraits, spanning adolescence to old age. In 17th-century Holland, Judith Leyster shows herself at the easel as a relaxed, self-assured professional. In the 18th century, artists from Elisabeth Vig#65533;e-Lebrun to Angelica Kauffman express both passion for their craft and the idea of femininity; and in the 19th the salons and art schools at last open their doors to a host of talented women artists, including Berthe Morisot, ushering in a new and resonant self-confidence. The modern period demolishes taboos: Alice Neel painting herself nude at eighty, Frida Kahlo rendering physical pain, Cindy Sherman exploring identity, Marlene Dumas dispensing with all boundaries. The full verve of Frances Borzello's enthralling text, and the hypnotic intensity of the accompanying self-portraits, is revealed to the full in this inspiring book.

  • Alicja Kwade : medium median / Alicja Kwade ; introduction by Iwona Blazwick
    N 6888 K92 A4 2017
    Medium Median is the mesmeric new installation by Berlin-based artist Alicja Kwade, commissioned by the Whitechapel Gallery in 2016/17 . Exploring our relationship with the nature of space and time, Kwade creates subtly arranged but conceptually rooted works, imbued with intellectual enquiry and discovery. At the centre of Medium Median is a twenty-first century astrolabe: iPhones suspended as a slowly rotating mobile, each showing star charts picked up from GPS satellite while emitting a robotic reading from the Book of Genesis; this is accompanied by three giant bronze casts of fossilised bones, their biomorphic shapes echoed in a background projection of an asteroid as seen by an infrared camera. Assembling human technology and cosmic phenomenon, it is an investigation into how we understand the universe. Bringing together the ideas behind this unique commission, this book features an illuminating conversation with Kwade about the work, as well as a detailed survey of her practice to date by curator Cameron Foote and new essays by curator Daniel F. Herrmann and anthropologist Debbora Battaglia.

  • Anselm Kiefer : next year in Jerusalem / with an essay by Marina Warner ; and a text by Anselm Kiefer
    N 6888 K43 A4 2011b
    This book imaginatively evokes one of Anselm Kiefer's most significant exhibitions with magnificent reproductions of a provocative body of work representing his key themes, styles, and mediums. Employing a dazzling variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and photography, Kiefer's monumental installation, captured in this sumptuous oversize volume, manifests an array of cultural myths and metaphors, from the Old and New Testaments to the Kabbalah, from ancient Roman history to the poetry of Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul C#65533;lan. Fusing art and literature, painting and sculpture, Kiefer engages the complex events of history, the ancestral epics of life, death, and the cosmos, and the fragile endurance of the sacred and the spiritual amid the ongoing destruction of the world. The illustrations in the book are preceded by a thoughtful text by the novelist and cultural historian Marina Warner, and the book concludes with a translation of Kiefer's acceptance speech for the 2008 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, a summation of his thought as artist and citizen.

  • Views from Jade Terrace : Chinese women artists, 1300-1912 / Marsha Weidner [and others]
    ND 1043.5 V54 1988
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