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S - Agriculture - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Agriculture that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Globalisation and change in forest ownership and forest use : natural resource management in transition / E. Carina H. Keskitalo,editor

  • Tropical seaweed farming trends, problems and opportunities : focus on kappaphycus and eucheuma of commerce / Anicia Q. Hurtado, Alan T. Critchley, Iain C. Neish, editors

  • Crop improvement sustainability through leading-edge technology / Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah, Ho Chai-Ling, Carol Wagstaff, editors

  • Breeding insect resistant crops for sustainable agriculture / Ramesh Arora, Surinder Sandhu, editors

  • Firestorm : how wildfire will shape our future / Edward Struzik
    In the spring of 2016, the world watched as wildfire ravaged the Canadian town of Fort McMurray. Firefighters named the fire "the Beast." It seemed to be alive with destructive energy, and they hoped never to see anything like it again. Yet it's not a stretch to imagine we will all soon live in a world in which fires like the Beast are commonplace. In Firestorm , Edward Struzik confronts this new reality, offering a deftly woven tale of science, economics, politics, and human determination. It's possible for us to flourish in the coming age of megafires--but it will take a radical new approach that requires acknowledging that fires are no longer avoidable. Living with fire also means, Struzik reveals, that we must better understand how the surprising, far-reaching impacts of these massive fires will linger long after the smoke eventually clears.

  • Begomoviruses : occurrence and management in Asia and Africa / Sangeeta Saxena, A. K. Tiwari, editors

  • Microbes for legume improvement Almas Zaidi, Mohammad Saghir Khan, Javed Musarrat, editors

  • Perspectives in sustainable nematode management through Pochonia chlamydosporia applications for root and rhizosphere health / Rosa H. Manzanilla-López, Luis V. Lopez-Llorca, editors

  • Abiotic stress management for resilient agriculture / Paramjit Singh Minhas, Jagadish Rane, Ratna Kumar Pasala, editors

  • The radish genome / Takeshi Nishio, Hiroyasu Kitashiba, editors

  • People, Forests, and Change : Lessons from the Pacific Northwest
    SD 144 A13 O47 2017eb
    We owe much of our economic prosperity to the vast forested landscapes that cover the earth. The timber we use to build our homes, the water we drink, and the oxygen in the air we breathe come from the complex forested ecosystem that many of us take for granted. As urban boundaries expand and rural landscapes are developed, forests are under more pressure than ever. It is time to forgo the thinking that forests can be managed outside of human influence, and shift instead to managemstrategies that consider humans to be part of the forest ecosystem. Only then can we realistically plan for coexisting and sustainable forests and human communities in the future.

    In People, Forests, and Change: Lessons from the Pacific Northwest , editors Deanna H. Olson and Beatrice Van Horne have assembled an expert panel of social and forest scientists to consider the nature of forests in flux and how to best balance the needs of forests and the rural communities closely tied to them. The book considers the temperate moist-coniferous forests of the US Pacific Northwest, but many of the concepts apply broadly to challenges in forest managemin other regions and countries. In the US northwest, forest ecosystem managemhas been underway for two decades, and key lessons are emerging. The text is divided into four parts that set the stage for forests and rural forest economies, describe dynamic forest systems at work, consider new science in forest ecology and management, and ponder the future for these coniferous forests under differscenarios.

    People, Forests, and Change brings together ideas grounded in science for policy makers, forest and natural resource managers, students, and conservationists who wish to understand how to manage forests conscientiously to assure their long-term viability and that of human communities who depend on them.

  • Risks in agriculture farmers' perspective / Alka Parikh

  • Off-track and online : the networked spaces of horse racing / Holly Kruse
    SF 331 K78 2016eb

  • Gardening with young children / Sara Starbuck, Marla Olthof, and Karen Midden
    SB 55 S78 2014
    Explore the unique and expansive learning opportunities offered by gardening with children

    Gardens are where children's imaginations engage nature, and the result is joyful learning. Gardening helps children develop an appreciation for the natural world and build the foundation for environmental stewardship. This book is packed with information and inspiration to help you immerse children in gardening and outdoor learning experiences--green thumb or a perfect plot of land not required.

    Learn how a gardening curriculum supports learning and development across all domains. You'll also find heaps of suggestions for planning, planting, and caring for a garden suited to your unique setting, such as container gardens, raised beds, in-ground gardens, gardens grown vertically on a wall or fence, and even rooftop gardens.

    Cultivate children's wonder and appreciation for nature. This book provides
    More than 60 hands-on learning activities for children of all ages to explore plants and garden creatures
    Vibrant photographs and classroom stories showcasing great programs from around the country
    New content reflecting childhood issues and gardening trends that have surfaced in recent years, including concerns that children are becoming alienated from nature, and that childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic
    Resources to help your garden flourish, seed and garden supply lists, information on poisonous plants, and books about gardens and garden creatures

  • Final synthesis reports = Rapports de synthèse finaux
    S 451.5 A1 N38 2008 CD-ROM

  • The architecture of Luis Barragán / Emilio Ambasz
    SB 470 B37 A67

  • Ancient Roman gardens / [edited by Elisabeth B. MacDougall and Wilhelmina F. Jashemski]
    SB 458.55 D85 1979
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