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T - Technology - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Technology that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 30 days.

  • Hurray, the butter is gone! : John Heartfield's photomontages of the 1930s / organized by Presentation House Gallery from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, September 23-November 27, 1988
    TR 685 H385 1989

  • Al Souza / Hugh M. Davies
    TR 647 S687 1979

  • Felix H. Man : reportage portraits, 1929-76 : [catalogue of an exhibition held at the] National Portrait Gallery [1 October 1976 to 2 January 1977]
    TR 681 F3 M36 1976

  • Luigi Ghirri, Aldo Rossi : things which are only themselves = Luigi Ghirri, Aldo Rossi : des choses qui ne sont qu'elles-mêmes = Luigi Ghirri, Aldo Rossi : cose che sono solo se stesse / Paolo Costantini
    TR 659 C678 1996

  • The educated innocent eye : some criteria for the criticism of photography / by Kay Tucker
    TR 642 T87 1972

  • The Target collection of American photography : [exhibition], February 25-May 1, 1977 / pref. by William C. Agee ; edited, and with an introd. by Anne Tucker
    TR 646 U6 H687 1976

  • The hand colored photograph : Philadelphia College of Art, April 28-May 19, 1979
    TR 646 U6 P56 1979

  • Painter as photographer : an Arts Council touring exhibition
    TR 646 G7 P35 1982

  • Stranger than fiction / Jim Stone
    TR 654 S74 1993
    In this collection of photographs, Jim Stone captures both the humorous and the tragic factets of the human condition. Interspersed with the images are believe-it-or-not news stories that describe ordinary and extraordinary events that remind us that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

  • This edifice is colossal : 19th century architectural photography / Robert A. Sobieszek
    TR 659 S63 1986

  • An Edwardian observer : the photographs of Leslie Hamilton Wilson / introd. by Edwin Newman ; text by Clark Worswick ; edited by Marilyn Penn
    TR 653 W54 1978

  • Edmund Teske : Chicago : remembrances
    TR 647 T2687 S74 2003

  • The gang / Ruth Erdt ; [text, Gianni Jetzer ; translation, Catherine Schelbert]
    TR 654 E73 2001
    Ruth Erdt addresses the so-called everyday matters of life. By un-selfconsciously directing her camera at her children, herself, and her partners, she lets the viewer in but operates in the field between authenticity and fiction. In restrained and peaceful images that hover on the threshhold of still normality and suspect action, Erdt tells stories about her life -- or what the viewer assumes to be her life.

  • Click doubleclick : the documentary factor / edited by Thomas Weski ; essays by Jean-Francois Chevrier, Johan de Vos, Thomas Weski
    TR 655 C42 2006
    'At the moment, photography is in a phase of change in which an altered conception of the documentary factor is emerging. It is not so much a matter of the portrayal or representation of reality, but rather of an artistically well-grounded idea of the world.' So says Thomas Weski in his essay in this big, bold, and truly essential compendium of documentary and almost-documentary photographs. Featured artists include Diane Arbus, Tina Barney, Laurenz Berges, Dirk Braeckman, David Claerbout, Luc Delahaye, Rineike Dijkstra, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Patrick Faigenbaum, Stephen Gill, Paul Graham, Andreas Gursky, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Scott McFarland, Hans van der Meer, Boris Mikhailov, Martin Parr, Judith Joy Ross, Thomas Ruff, Taryn Simon, Alec Soth, Heidi Specker, Jules Spinatsch, Thomas Struth, Larry Sultan, Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans and Jeff Wall. Among the many fine features of this book are several paper changes, a section on the illustrations and artists' biographies.

  • Architecture transformed : a history of the photography of buildings from 1839 to the present / Cervin Robinson, Joel Herschman
    TR 659 R624 1987

  • Avant-garde photography in Germany, 1919-1939 / [text by] Van Deren Coke
    TR 73 C6413 1982

  • Thomas Ruff / [Centre national de la photographie, Paris, éditions Actes Sud, Arles]
    TR 647 R833 1997

  • Hermeticity of electronic packages / Hal Greenhouse, Robert Lowry, Bruce Romenesko
    TK 7870.15 G74 2012eb
    This is a book about the integrity of sealed packages to resist foreign gases and liquids penetrating the seal or an opening (crack) in the packageùespecially critical to the reliability and longevity of electronics. The author explains how to predict the reliability and the longevity of the packages based on leak rate measurements and the assumptions of impurities. Non-specialists in particular will benefit from the author's long involvement in the technology. Hermeticity is a subject that demands practical experience, and solving one problem does not necessarily give one the background to solve another. Thus, the book provides a ready reference to help deal with day to day issues as they arise.

    The book gathers in a single volume a great many issues previously available only in journalsùor only in the experience of working engineers. How to define the ""goodness"" of a seal? How is that seal measured? How does the integrity of the seal affect circuit reliability? What is the significance of the measured integrity of the seal? What is the relationship of Residual Gas Analysis and the seal integrity? The handbook answers these questions and more, providing an analysis of nearly 100 problems representative of the wide variety of challenges that actually occur in industry today.

  • Eugène Atget, ou, La mélancolie en photographie / Alain Buisine
    TR 187 B85 1994

  • Le temps des pionniers : a travers les collections de la Société française de photographie / introduction par Jean-Claude Gautrand
    TR 6 F82 P38 1987

  • Latin American artist-photographers from the Lehigh University Art Galleries collection / curator, Ricardo Viera
    TR 645 B452 D83 2001

  • Pipelines 2017. proceedings of sessions of the Pipelines 2017 Conference, August 6-9, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona / sponsored by Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Anna Pridmore, Ph.D., P.E., Jim Geisbush, P.E
    TA 660 P55A462 2017eb

    Papers from the Pipelines 2017 Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, August 6-9, 2017. Sponsored by the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute of ASCE.

    This collection contains 57 peer-reviewed papers on geomatics, surveying, and condition assessment of pipelines for reliability and resiliency through sustainable design and construction.

    Topics include: contingency planning; GIS and alternative project delivery; construction and rehabilitation; large diameter projects; design-build alternative delivery; distribution transmission; emerging technologies; and case studies.

    These papers will be of interest to practitioners and researchers working in the design, construction, monitoring, and delivery of pipeline infrastructure projects.

  • Lisette Model : a retrospective : New Orleans Museum of Art, Summer 1981, Museum Folkwang, Spring 1982
    TR 647 M55 1981

  • A chronology of photography; a critical survey of the history of photography as a medium of art
    TR 15 G33 1972

  • Eugène Atget : Paris / with an introduction by Wilfried Wiegand ; [translated from the German by Anne Heritage]
    TR 653 A86413 1998

  • Histoire de voir : une histoire de la photographie / conçue et réalisée par Robert Delpire et Michel Frizot ; avec la collaboration de Françoise Bonnefoy [and others] ; texte de Michel Frizot
    TR 15 H563 1989

  • Cyanide & spirits : an inside-out view of early photography / by Bill Jay
    TR 15 J35 1991

  • Between nature and culture : photographs of the Getty Center by Joe Deal / Joe Deal [and others]
    TR 659 D474 1999
    From 1983 through 1997, artist Joe Deal documented the site and construction of the Getty Center through a series of black and white photographs. Between Nature and Culture: Photographs of the Getty Center by Joe Deal presents 130 of Deal's photographs, offering an opportunity to view the evolving site through this artist's eyes, from the selection of the starkly beautiful chaparral-covered mountain top to the steel and travertine of the final stages of construction. With an introduction by Mark Johnstone that provides both a key to understanding Joe Deal's unique vision and commentaries on the thematic groups and individual photographs reproduced, this book offers a dramatic portrait of one of the Getty Center.

  • Image worlds : corporate identities at General Electric, 1890-1930 / David E. Nye
    TR 706 N94 1985
    By viewing the corporation as a communicator, Image Worlds links the histories of labor, business, consumption, engineering, and photography, providing a new perspective on one of the largest and most representative corporations. General Electric was one of the first modern industrial corporations to use photographs and other media resources to create images of itself; and the GE archives, comprising well over a million images, form one of the largest privately held collections in the world. To produce this venturesome book, David Nye has used these vast archives to develop a new approach to corporate ideology through corporate iconography. Image Worlds embraces symbols, intentional signs, and photographs on the one hand and the history of institutional and technological development on the other. It views photography as a developing technology with a history of its own, and presents the corporation as a communicator as well as a producer and employer. Illustrated with nearly 60 photographs from the archives, the book identifies five "image markets" that GE sought to organize and address. Company engineers, workers, and managers received publications designed to appeal to their presumed interests. Some of these grew into public journals with a scientific-educational mission; others were restricted in circulation even within the company. At the same time, illustrated mass-media advertising was created to reach potential consumers of GE products. Advertising that presented an image of GE as a place where "progress was the most important product." While GE was promoting this enlightened image, the company was also using its resources to reach the voting public, hoping to gain their support for private electrification in the national debate over municipal power. David E. Nye is Associate Professor of American History at Odense University in Denmark.

  • Frank Lloyd Wright's fifty views of Japan : the 1905 photo album / edited by Melanie Birk
    TR 659 F734 1996
    The sparks that ignited Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas came form various sources, among them the art and culture of Japan. On his first trip abroad in 1905, Wright went to Japan and while there took many photographs. Through fifty of these pictures -- published together here for the first time -- we can understand how the buildings, scenery, and heritage of Japan became the foundation for many of Wright's masterpieces. Includes essays by Wright experts from the United States and Japan.

  • La Photographie en France : textes & controverses, une anthologie, 1816-1871 / André Rouillé
    TR 71 P49 1989

  • The Royal Photographic Society collection / [by Pam Roberts, curator ; sponsored by Kodak]
    TR 6 G72 L6659 1994

  • Regards sur le monde : trésors photographiques du Quai d'Orsay, 1860-1914 / Pierre Fournié, Laurent Gervereau ; préface, Hubert Védrine ; introduction, René Rémond ; avant-propos Roger Thérond
    TR 652 R44 2000

  • Annals of my glass house / photographs by Julia Margaret Cameron ; text by Violet Hamilton
    TR 680 C279 1996
    Annals of My Glass House highlights the work of the most famous Victorian woman photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. Although she did not begin her career until the age of 49, after rearing six children, she produced almost 3,000 photographs from 1864 until her death in 1879.

    Violet Hamilton's examination of Cameron's photography begins with her first successful recorded work in 1864 and ends in 1874 with her brief autobiography, "Annals of My Glass House", included here. The major thematic categories of her work are considered, including her portraits of prominent Victorians, poetic interpretations of Madonnas and children, and illustrations for Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Among Cameron's photographs are intimate studies of her own family and powerful portraits of Victorian artists, writers, and scientists, including historian Thomas Carlyle and astronomer Sir John Herschel.

  • The Abrams encyclopedia of photography / edited by Brigitte Govignon ; translated from the French by Graham Edwards [and others]
    TR 9 P4813 2004
    A comprehensive reference traces the history of photography from the invention of the daguerreotype in 1829 to the breakthroughs in digital photography today, covering such key themes as portraits, still lifes, photojournalism, and NASA images while exploring the ways that the use of pictures has influenced public perspectives. 12,500 first printin

  • The world in my camera. Translated by June Guicharnaud
    TR 140 F69 A313 1974

  • Combattimento per un'immagine : fotografi e pittori : Torino, Galleria civica d'arte moderna, marzo-aprile 1973
    TR 646 I82 T872 1973

  • Le Pont transbordeur et la vision moderniste : 6 décembre 1991-2 février 1992, Musée Cantini
    TG 428 P66 1992

  • Scopophilia : the love of looking / edited & with an afterword by Gerard Malanga ; foreword by Robert Creeley
    TR 676 S35 1985

  • The birth of photography : the story of the formative years, 1800-1900 / by Brian Coe
    TR 15 C59 1976

  • 1839, la photographie révélée / Michel Frizot [and others]
    TR 6 F8 A15 1989

  • Immortal portraits, being a gallery of famous photographs, by David Octavius Hill, Julia Margaret Cameron and others. Selection and commentary by Alex Strasser
    TR 680 S92 1941

  • Carleton Watkins : selected texts and bibliography / edited by Amy Rule ; essay by Mary Warner Marien
    TR 140 W376 C37 1993b

  • ASHRAE greenguide : design, construction, and operation of sustainable buildings
    TH 880 A83 2018

  • Polymeric solar cells : materials, design, manufacture / edited by Frederik C. Krebs
    TK 2960 P65 2010eb

  • M58--internal corrosion control in water distribution systems / by Richard E. Giani
    TD 491 G49 2017eb

  • M11 -- steel water pipe : a guide for design and installation / by Dennis Dechant and John Bambei
    TC 174 D365 2017

  • Water resources planning / by Lara Kammereck
    TD 345 K268 2016

  • Mcevoy's handbook of photovoltaics : fundamentals and applications / edited by Soteris A. Kalogirou

    Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics, Third Edition, is a 'benchmark' publication for those involved in the design, manufacture and use of these devices. This fully revised handbook includes brand new sections on smart grids, net metering and the modeling of photovoltaic systems, as well as fully revised content on developments in photovoltaic applications, the economics of PV manufacturing and updated chapters on solar cell function, raw materials, photovoltaic standards, calibration and testing, all with new examples and case studies.

    The editor has assembled internationally-respected contributors from industry and academia around the world to make this a truly global reference. It is essential reading for electrical engineers, designers of systems, installers, architects, policymakers and physicists working with photovoltaics.

    Presents a cast of international experts from industry and academia to ensure the highest quality information from multiple stakeholder perspectives Covers all things photovoltaics, from the principles of solar cell function and their raw materials, to the installation and design of full photovoltaic systems Includes case studies, practical examples, and reports on the latest advances and worldwide applications

  • Quarter-turn valves : head loss, torque, and cavitation analysis / by B.E. Bosserman and John R. Holstrom
    TD 491 B67 2017

  • Advances in biofeedstocks and biofuels. edited by Lalit Kumar Singh, Gaurav Chaudhary

  • Wind energy engineering : a handbook for onshore and offshore wind turbines / edited by Trevor M. Letcher
    TJ 820 W56 2017

    Wind Energy Engineering: A Handbook for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines is the most advanced, up-to-date and research-focused text on all aspects of wind energy engineering. Wind energy is pivotal in global electricity generation and for achieving future essential energy demands and targets. In this fast moving field this must-have edition starts with an in-depth look at the present state of wind integration and distribution worldwide, and continues with a high-level assessment of the advances in turbine technology and how the investment, planning, and economic infrastructure can support those innovations.

    Each chapter includes a research overview with a detailed analysis and new case studies looking at how recent research developments can be applied. Written by some of the most forward-thinking professionals in the field and giving a complete examination of one of the most promising and efficient sources of renewable energy, this book is an invaluable reference into this cross-disciplinary field for engineers.

    Contains analysis of the latest high-level research and explores real world application potential in relation to the developments Uses system international (SI) units and imperial units throughout to appeal to global engineers Offers new case studies from a world expert in the field Covers the latest research developments in this fast moving, vital subject

  • Metal semiconductor core-shell nanostructures for energy and environmental applications / edited by Raju Kumar Gupta, Mrinmoy Misra

    Metal Semiconductor Core-Shell Nanostructures for Energy and Environmental Applications provides a concise, scholarly overview of current research into the characterization of metal semiconductor core-shell nanostructures; the book shows how their properties can be best used in energy and environmental applications, particularly for solar cell and catalysis application. Coverage is also given to the effect of metal nanoparticle for charge generation or charge separation. The book is a valuable resource for academic researchers working in the areas of nanotechnology, sustainable energy and chemical engineering, and is also of great use to engineers working in photovoltaic and pollution industries.

    Includes a clear method for synthesis of core-shell nanomaterials Explores how metal semiconductor core-shell nanostructures can be used to improve the efficiency of solar cells Explains how the characteristics of metal semiconductor core-shell nanostructures make them particularly useful for sustainable energy and environmental applications

  • Wave and tidal generation devices : reliability and availability / Peter Tavner
    TK 1081 T38 2017

  • Clean energy microgrids / edited by Shin'ya Obara and Jorge Morel

    Microgrids are electric power grids composed of loads and distributed energy resources which provide electricity to villages, university campuses and other entities usually smaller than cities which are capable of operating independently from the larger grid if necessary. Such systems are gaining importance in times of rising shares of renewable power and desire for energy resilience.

    There is a need for an updated work and overview describing the latest technology in microgrids and also adding perspectives of economics, environment and energy policies, including microgrids for cold regions, and future trends. The aim of this work is to give this complete overview of the latest technology around the world, and the interrelation with clean energy systems. Topics covered include key concepts and definitions; microgrid communication and control; storage systems for microgrids; microgrid reliability; clean generation in microgrids; country case studies; economics and policies. The book is essential reading for researchers and practicing engineers, as well as advanced students.

  • Energy harvesting for low-power autonomous devices and systems / Jahangir Rastegar and Harbans S. Dhadwal
    TK 2897 R37 2016eb

  • Emerging nanotechnologies in rechargeable energy storage systems / edited by Lide M. Rodriguez-Martinez, Noshin Omar

    Emerging Nanotechnologies in Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems addresses the technical state-of-the-art of nanotechnology for rechargeable energy storage systems. Materials characterization and device-modeling aspects are covered in detail, with additional sections devoted to the application of nanotechnology in batteries for electrical vehicles.

    In the later part of the book, safety and regulatory issues are thoroughly discussed. Users will find a valuable source of information on the latest developments in nanotechnology in rechargeable energy storage systems. This book will be of great use to researchers and graduate students in the fields of nanotechnology, electrical energy storage, and those interested in materials and electrochemical cell development.

    Gives readers working in the rechargeable energy storage sector a greater awareness on how novel nanotechnology oriented methods can help them develop higher-performance batteries and supercapacitor systems Provides focused coverage of the development, process, characterization techniques, modeling, safety and applications of nanomaterials for rechargeable energy storage systems Presents readers with an informed choice in materials selection for rechargeable energy storage devices

  • Solar energy desalination technology / Hongfei Zheng

    Solar Energy Desalination Technology explains how to obtain clean water from sea water using solar energy. Special methods and types used in solar desalination are introduced, providing new thoughts, concepts, and feasible solutions in the desalination field, along with the thermal and economic efficiency relating to current technology.

    Many places in the world are suffering from fresh water shortage. However, those places are often rich with solar resources, sea water, and/or brackish water resources that could dramatically benefit from solar energy as a viable solution for the production of fresh water.

    Explains the principles of solar thermal energy usage to produce clean water from sea water Introduces and explains new kinds of solar desalination systems, including their technical level and working principle Provides fundamental knowledge on water treatment and solar collection

  • Thermal management of electric vehicle battery systems / Ibrahim Dincer, Halil S. Hamut, Nader Javani
    TL 220 D56 2017eb

    Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems provides a thorough examination of various conventional and cutting edge electric vehicle (EV) battery thermal management systems (including phase change material) that are currently used in the industry as well as being proposed for future EV batteries. It covers how to select the right thermal management design, configuration and parameters for the users' battery chemistry, applications and operating conditions, and provides guidance on the setup, instrumentation and operation of their thermal management systems (TMS) in the most efficient and effective manner.

    This book provides the reader with the necessary information to develop a capable battery TMS that can keep the cells operating within the ideal operating temperature ranges and uniformities, while minimizing the associated energy consumption, cost and environmental impact. The procedures used are explained step-by-step, and generic and widely used parameters are utilized as much as possible to enable the reader to incorporate the conducted analyses to the systems they are working on. Also included are comprehensive thermodynamic modelling and analyses of TMSs as well as databanks of component costs and environmental impacts, which can be useful for providing new ideas on improving vehicle designs.

    Key features:

    Discusses traditional and cutting edge technologies as well as research directions Covers thermal management systems and their selection for different vehicles and applications Includes case studies and practical examples from the industry Covers thermodynamic analyses and assessment methods, including those based on energy and exergy, as well as exergoeconomic, exergoenvironmental and enviroeconomic techniques Accompanied by a website hosting codes, models, and economic and environmental databases as well as various related information

    Thermal Management of Electric Vehicle Battery Systems is a unique book on electric vehicle thermal management systems for researchers and practitioners in industry, and is also a suitable textbook for senior-level undergraduate and graduate courses.

  • Advances in biofeedstocks and biofuels. edited by Lalit Kumar Singh, Gaurav Chaudhary

    Biofuels production is one of the most extensively studied fields in the energy sector that can provide an alternative energy source and bring the energy industry closer to sustainability. Biomass-based fuel production, or renewable fuels, are becoming increasingly important as a potential solution for man-made climate change, depleted oil reserves, and the dangers involved with hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking"). The price of oil will always be volatile and changeable, and, as long as industry and private citizens around the world need energy, there will be a need for alternative energy sources. The area known as "biofuels and biofeedstocks" is one of the most important and quickly growing pieces of the "energy pie."

    But biofuels and biofeedstocks are constantly changing, and new processes are constantly being created, changed, and improved upon. The area is rapidly changing and always innovative. It is important, therefore, that books like the volumes in this series are published and the information widely disseminated to keep the industry informed of the state-of-the-art.

    This first volume in this groundbreaking new series is a collection of papers from some of the world's foremost authorities on biofeedstocks and biofuels, covering biofeedstocks and how they are processed. It is a must-have for any engineer, scientist, technician, or student working in this area.

  • Energy technology 2010 : conservation, greenhouse gas reduction and management, alternative energy sources : proceedings of symposia sponsored by the Light Metals Division of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) ; held during TMS 2010 Annual Meeting & Exhibition Seattle, Washington, USA, February 14-18, 2010 / edited by Neale R. Neelameggham
    TJ 163.15 E548 2010

  • Cogeneration and District Energy Systems
    TH 7641 R67 2016eb

    District energy (DE) systems use central heating and/or cooling facilities to provide heating and/or cooling services for communities and can be particularly beneficial when integrated with cogeneration plants for electricity and heat. This book provides information on district energy and cogeneration technologies, and the systems that combine them, with a focus on their modelling, analysis and optimization.

    Topics covered include a brief introduction to district heating and cogeneration; background material on thermodynamics and exergy analyses; models for cogeneration, heating and district heating, and chilling and district cooling; descriptions and analyses of configurations for integrating cogeneration and DE technologies; economics of cogeneration and DE; environmental impact of cogeneration systems, including wastes and carbon dioxide emissions and their allocations; modelling and optimization of cogeneration-based district energy systems accounting for economics and environmental impact; developments and advances in technologies and systems for cogeneration and DE; and future directions.

    Examples and case studies are included throughout the book to illustrate the material covered, and to demonstrate the importance, benefits and value of cogeneration and district energy technologies in achieving sustainable and efficient energy systems.

  • Standalone photovoltaic (PV) systems for disaster relief and remote areas / Salahuddin Qazi
    TK 1087 Q39 2017

    Standalone Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for Disaster Relief and Remote Areas explores the increased demand for energy, including clean energy alternatives and the ways that solar energy is fast becoming a vital source for meeting peak demand, a solution for energy demand in disaster and remote areas, and a viable source to meet emerging energy security needs.

    The book provides a detailed overview of PV systems and applications for disaster and remote areas, and includes a guide on how to provide electricity during outages, along with important discussions on the need for increasing the resilience of the grid. The differences and requirements for standalone, mobile, and portable PV systems are discussed, along with how systems can be deployed, transported, and used in remote areas. In addition, the book discusses the use of solar PV systems to create environmentally friendly power systems for remote communities that can be operated independently, also comparing the costs, emissions, and practical applications of other technologies.

    Types of natural disasters, their effect on peoples' lives, on world economy, impact on electric grid and costs of power outages Energy Needs in the aftermath of disasters and remote areas both in developed and developing Countries, including how PV systems can provide electricity affordably, with resilience and reducing grid impact by way of community solar and solar microgrid Detailed description of the types and components of standalone photovoltaic systems, modeling and simulation and performance analysis New initiatives, programs and case studies for providing solar-generated electricity to low-income people both in the United States and the developing world at low cost Examples of assembling one's own PV module and dye-sensitized solar cells, results, databases and industry standards

  • Green technologies for sustainable water management / edited by Huu Hao Ngo [and 3 others] ; sponsored by the Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Engineering Committee of the Environmental Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers
    TD 365 G74 2016

    Sponsored by the Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Engineering Committee of the Environmental Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers

    Green Technologies for Sustainable Water Management describes science-based principles and technological advances behind green technologies that can be effective solutions to pressing environmental problems. Today's challenge for sustainable water management is to develop environmentally friendly, economically viable, and energy-efficient processes for treating and preserving the world's limited water resources. Successful approaches will provide a high removal-efficiency of pollutants and nutrient recovery while also reducing the carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and protecting human health and the environment.

    Following an overview of water as a valuable resource, this 28-chapter book provides in-depth information on current various green technologies associated with sustainable water and wastewater management. It considers various aspects of pollution prevention, control, remediation, and restoration. The applications of these technologies toward a sustainable society are considered, and needs for future research and development are identified.

    Researchers, students, scientists, engineers, government officials, and process managers will find this book an excellent source of comprehensive, state-of-the-art material on green technologies for sustainable water management.

  • Recent advances in high-temperature PEM fuel cells / Sivakumar Pasupathi, Juan Carlos Calderon Gomez, Huaneng Su, Harikishan Reddy, Piotr Bujlo, Cordellia Sita

    Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Primers is a series focused on Energy applications. Its concise volumes present those coming into this broad and multidisciplinary field with the most recent advances in each of its particular topics. They bring together information that has thus far been scattered in many different sources under one single title, which makes them a useful reference for industry professionals, researchers and graduate students, especially those starting in a new topic of research.

    This volume, Recent Advances in High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells , provides an up-to-date progress of High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (HTPEMFCs), including three critical subjects for this type of fuel cells: Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) development, stack development and systems development. The MEA and stack development sections cover the recent advances in this area and highlight the areas in most need of improvement. The systems development section focuses on stationary systems, mainly Combined Heat and Power (CHP), based on HTPEMFCs. Finally the conclusions summarize the recent advances of HTPEMFCs in all these areas and provide some insights for future developments.

    Prof. Bruno G. Pollet, Series Editor

    Presents the most current knowledge in membrane electrode assembly, stack, and systems development for HTPEMFCs Highlights the areas that need improvement in electrode assembly and stack development Examines stationary high temperature PEMFC systems, including CHP

  • Methane and hydrogen for energy storage / edited by Rupp Carriveau and David S-K. Ting
    TP 245 H9M48 2016

    Commercial energy storage has moved from the margins to the mainstream as it fosters flexibility in our smarter, increasingly integrated energy systems. Natural gas has been identified by many as the fuel to take us to the no-carbon horizon; where a hydrogen economy waits on development. These two actors are already connected in precursor applications as transitional solutions for hydrogen handling and transportation are sought ahead of a fully established hydrogen infrastructure.

    This monograph explores some of leading advances in methane and hydrogen storage as well as the interesting link between these two important elements in our evolving energy system mosaic. Topics covered include: hydrogen absorption for storage; power-to-gas for energy system integration and storage; methanation for power-to-gas applications; production of hydrogen from methane decarbonisation into power to gas scenarios; power-to-gas in an ancillary service market; methane in MOFs: where, why and how; thermal management as a key in storing adsorbed natural gas; and gas hydrate potential and development for methane storage.

  • Air valves : air-release, air/vacuum, and combination

  • Water fluoridation principles and practices / by Ari Copeland
    TD 467 C66 2016

  • Private property infiltration and inflow control : WEF special publication

  • Wet weather design and operation in water resource recovery facilities : a special publication
    TD 746 W4 2014

  • Guide for municipal wet weather strategies
    TD 746 G835 2013

  • Green infrastructure implementation : a special publication
    TD 159.3 G74 2014eb

  • Natural systems for wastewater treatment / prepared by Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment Task Force of the Water Environment Federation
    TD 745 N345 2010eb

  • Energy centered management : a guide to reducing energy copnsumption and cost / Marvin T. Howell
    TJ 163.3 H685 2015

  • Green approaches to biocomposite materials science and engineering / Deepak Verma, Siddharth Jain, Xiaolei Zhang, and Prakash Chandra Gope, editors
    TA 418.9 C6G74 2016e
    Industrial ecology, eco-efficiency, and green chemistry are guiding the development of the next generation of materials, products, and processes. Considerable growth has been seen in the use of biocomposites in the domestic sector, building materials, aerospace industry, circuit boards, and automotive applications over the past decade, but application in other sectors until now has been limited. Green Approaches to Biocomposite Materials Science and Engineering explores timely research on the various available types of natural fibers and the use of these fibers as a sustainable alternative to synthetic fibers and polymers. Emphasizing research-based solutions for sustainability across various industries, this publication is an essential reference source for engineers, researchers, environmental scientists, and graduate-level students.

  • Handbook of biofuels production : processes and technologies / edited by Rafael Luque, Carol Sze Ki Lin, Karen Wilson and James Clark

    Handbook of Biofuels Production, Second Edition, discusses advanced chemical, biochemical, and thermochemical biofuels production routes that are fast being developed to address the global increase in energy usage.

    Research and development in this field is aimed at improving the quality and environmental impact of biofuels production, as well as the overall efficiency and output of biofuels production plants. The book provides a comprehensive and systematic reference on the range of biomass conversion processes and technology.

    Key changes for this second edition include increased coverage of emerging feedstocks, including microalgae, more emphasis on by-product valorization for biofuels' production, additional chapters on emerging biofuel production methods, and discussion of the emissions associated with biofuel use in engines.

    The editorial team is strengthened by the addition of two extra members, and a number of new contributors have been invited to work with authors from the first edition to revise existing chapters, thus offering fresh perspectives.

    Provides systematic and detailed coverage of the processes and technologies being used for biofuel production Discusses advanced chemical, biochemical, and thermochemical biofuels production routes that are fast being developed to address the global increase in energy usage Reviews the production of both first and second generation biofuels Addresses integrated biofuel production in biorefineries and the use of waste materials as feedstocks

  • Developing a business case for renewable energy at airports / Stephen B. Barrett, Philip M. DeVita, Julie E. Kenfield, Bradley T. Jacobsen, David Y. Bannard
    TJ 808 B37 2016eb

  • Water audits and loss control programs / by George A. Kunkel, Jr
    TD 499 W38 2016eb
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