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Classical Languages and Linguistics - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Classical Languages and Linguistics (PA) that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 120 days.

  • Greek literature / edited by P.E. Easterling and B.M.W. Knox
    PA 3052 G73 1985eb

  • Latin literature / edited by E.J. Kenney ; advisory editor, W.V. Clausen
    PA 6003 L3 1982eb

  • Averrunci, or the Skowrers : ponderous and new considerations upon the first six books of the Annals of Cornelius Tacitus concerning Tiberius Caesar / by Edmund Bolton ; edited with introduction and commentary by Patricia J. Osmond and Robert W. Ulery, Jr
    PA 6705 A9 B65 2017
    Ponderous and new considerations upon the first six books of the Annals of
    Cornelius Tacitus concerning Tiberius Caesar
    (Genoa, Biblioteca Durazzo, MS. A IV 5)

    This edition makes available for the first time a recently discovered and provocative work by the English historian Edmund Bolton. Composed in the years 1629-1634, Averrunci or The Skowrers aims at exposing Tacitus' (alleged) anti-monarchical bias in Annals 1-6 and at rehabilitating the character and reign of the emperor Tiberius. The Introduction discusses the manuscript in the context of Bolton's life and other works, its response to political and historiographical controversies in early Stuart England, and its unusual, revisionist position in the contemporary movement of Tacitism. A Commentary, following the text, explains difficult passages and identifies Bolton's extensive historical references.

    Edited with Introduction and Commentary by Patricia J. Osmond and Robert W. Ulery, Jr.

  • The poems of Hesiod : Theogony, Works and days, and The shield of Herakles / a new translation by Barry B. Powell
    PA 4010 E5 2017
    In this new translation of Hesiod, Barry B. Powell gives an accessible, modern verse rendering of these vibrant texts, essential to an understanding of early Greek myth and society. With stunning color images that help bring to life the contents of the poems and notes that explicate complex passages, Powell's fresh renditions provide an exciting introduction to the culture of the ancient Greeks.

    This is the definitive translation and guide for students and readers looking to experience the poetry of Hesiod, who ranks alongside Homer as an influential poet of Greek antiquity.

  • Annotations on Galatians and Ephesians / translated, edited, and annotated by Riemer A. Faber
    PA 8502 E5 F33 2017

    Volume 58 in the Collected Works of Erasmus series contains, for the first time, the English translation of Erasmus' Annotations on Paul's Epistles to the Galatians and Ephesians.

    Erasmus' Annotations began as marginal comments in his own copy of the New Testament and were subsequently published in 1516 as a supplement to the Novum Instrumentum . His annotations were intended to justify his changes based on the Greek text. In each successive edition, published between 1516 and 1535, the Annotations grew in size and scope providing Erasmus with the opportunity to defend his translations in the face of growing criticism from orthodox Catholic theologians. This volume notes the editorial changes made in the five editions and also provides the reader with information about the patristic, medieval and contemporary sources consulted by Erasmus, and about the evolving relations with contemporary critics. The Annotations played a pivotal role in the development of sixteenth-century biblical exegesis and mark a significant stage in the evolution of humanist biblical scholarship.

  • Tales from Ovid / [translated by] Ted Hughes
    PA 6522 M2 H78 1997
    A powerful version of the Latin classic by England's late Poet Laureate, now in paperback.When it was published in 1997, Tales from Ovid was immediately recognized as a classic in its own right, as the best rering of Ovid in generations, and as a major book in Ted Hughes's oeuvre. The Metamorphoses of Ovid stands with the works of Homer, Virgil, Dante, and Milton as a classic of world poetry; Hughes translated twenty-four of its stories with great power and directness. The result is the liveliest twentieth-century version of the classic, at once a delight for the Latinist and an appealing introduction to Ovid for the general reader.

  • Enraged : why violent times need ancient Greek myths / Emily Katz Anhalt
    PA 4037 A54 2017
    An examination of remedies for violent rage rediscovered in ancient Greek myths

    Millennia ago, Greek myths exposed the dangers of violent rage and the need for empathy and self-restraint. Homer's Iliad , Euripides' Hecuba , and Sophocles' Ajax show that anger and vengeance destroy perpetrators and victims alike. Composed before and during the ancient Greeks' groundbreaking movement away from autocracy toward more inclusive political participation, these stories offer guidelines for modern efforts to create and maintain civil societies. Emily Katz Anhalt reveals how these three masterworks of classical Greek literature can teach us, as they taught the ancient Greeks, to recognize violent revenge as a marker of illogical thinking and poor leadership. These time-honored texts emphasize the costs of our dangerous penchant for glorifying violent rage and those who would indulge in it. By promoting compassion, rational thought, and debate, Greek myths help to arm us against the tyrants we might serve and the tyrants we might become.

  • The pocket Oxford classical Greek dictionary / edited by James Morwood, John Taylor
    PA 445 E5 P63 2002
    This is an elementary level dictionary, aimed at beginners learning Classical Greek. It covers over 20,000 words and phrases, and gives translations for over 4,000 English words. In addition, it offers a table of irregular verbs, a list of numerals, and a guide to pronunciation, providing the ideal, authoritative introduction to Classical Greek.

  • Herodotus Book I / George A. Sheets
    PA 4002 A31 1993
    Bryn Mawr Commentaries provide clear, concise, accurate, and consistent support for students making the transition from introductory and intermediate texts to the direct experience of ancient Greek and Latin literature. They assume that the student will know the basics of grammar and vocabulary and then provide the specific grammatical and lexical notes that a student requires to begin the task of interpretation. Hackett Publishing Company is the exclusive distributor of the Bryn Mawr Commentaries in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

  • Biblical epics in late antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England : divina in laude voluntas / Patrick McBrine
    PA 6053 M33 2017

    Biblical poetry, written between the fourth and eleventh centuries, is an eclectic body of literature that disseminated popular knowledge of the Bible across Europe. Composed mainly in Latin and subsequently in Old English, biblical versification has much to tell us about the interpretations, genre preferences, reading habits, and pedagogical aims of medieval Christian readers.

    Biblical Epics in Late Antiquity and Anglo-Saxon England provides an accessible introduction to biblical epic poetry. Patrick McBrine's erudite analysis of the writings of Juvencus, Cyprianus, Arator, Bede, Alcuin, and more reveals the development of a hybridized genre of writing that informed and delighted its Christian audiences to such an extent it was copied and promoted for the better part of a millennium. The volume contains many first-time readings and discussions of poems and passages which have long lain dormant and offers new evidence for the reception of the Bible in late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

  • O tempora! O mores! : Cicero's Catilinarian orations : a student edition with historical essays / [edited by] Susan O. Shapiro
    PA 6279 C2 2005

    In 63 b.c., Lucius Sergius Catilina, a Roman aristocrat, formed a conspiracy to overthrow the Roman Republic. Cicero, who was consul that year, exposed the plot and documented his defeat of the conspiracy in his Orations against Catiline . The First Catilinarian Oration is well known and deservedly famous. Scholars are familiar with the other three speeches, but few students know them. This lapse is regrettable. The Third Oration is a fast-paced courtroom drama, and the Second and Fourth Orations provide critical information about this key event in Roman history. Susan O. Shapiro here makes all Cicero's Catilinarian Orations accessible to the intermediate Latin student.

    O Tempora! O Mores! is designed to fit a variety of pedagogical approaches. Professors can assign any of the Catilinarian Orations independently or assign excerpts from several of the speeches. Shapiro's historical essays bring a new dimension to Latin study, explaining the history and politics behind the texts. The essays are divided into short sections that can be assigned individually for class discussion. The volume is further amplified by a vocabulary, maps, a bibliography, and appendices.


  • Agricola / Tacitus ; edited by A.J. Woodman, Basil L. Gildersleeve Professor of Classics, University of Virginia ; with contributions from C.S. Kraus, Thomas A. Thacher Professor of Latin, Yale University
    PA 6706 A3 2014
    The first work of any great historian has always commanded attention, and Tacitus was ancient Rome's very greatest historian. His biography of his father-in-law, governor of Britain in the years AD 77-84, is a literary masterpiece: it combines penetrating political history with gripping military narrative and throughout poses the question (still very much alive today) of how one should live one's life under a tyranny. This is the first commentary in English on the Agricola for almost half a century: in keeping with the aims of the series, particular attention is paid to the understanding of Tacitus' Latin, but a whole range of generic, historical, textual and narrative topics is covered, and it will be suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students as well as scholars. Tacitus' Agricola remains a key text for anyone with an interest in Roman Britain as well as ancient biography.

  • A little Latin reader / Mary C. English, Georgia L. Irby
    PA 2095 E54 2018
    Covering an extensive variety of grammatical constructions, A Little Latin Reader, Second Edition, is an ideal supplement for undergraduate courses in beginning and intermediate Latin. It presents vivid, unadapted passages, each two to ten lines in length, drawn from the poetry and prose ofvarious Classical authors and from inscriptions. The selections are arranged according to the specific points of grammar and syntax that they demonstrate. By introducing unadapted Latin at the earliest stage of language instruction, A Little Latin Reader helps students transition more easily frombeginning and intermediate Latin textbooks to authentic Latin prose and poetry. The second edition includes eighty-one new passages and two new appendices - A Basic Guide to Paleography and The Roman Calendar.

  • Elegies. Propertius ; edited by W.A. Camps
    PA 6644 B4 1965

  • Le prose latine attribuite a Jacopone da Todi / Enrico Menestò
    PA 8360 J2Z78
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