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P - Language and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Language and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 60 days.

  • Translations in times of disruption an interdisciplinary study in transnational contexts / edited by David Hook and Graciela Iglesias-Rogers

  • New media and China's social development Yungeng Xie

  • Scientific peer review : guidelines for informative peer review / J. Matthias Starck

  • Modern language models and computation : theory with applications / Alexander Meduna, Ondřej Soukup

  • Statistical language and speech processing : 5th International Conference, SLSP 2017, Le Mans, France, October 23?25, 2017, Proceedings / Nathalie Camelin, Yannick Estève, Carlos Martín-Vide (eds.)

  • Performance studies and negative epistemology : performance apophatics / Claire Maria Chambers
    This book argues that apophaticism continues to exert strong influence in Western cultural discourses, especially performance. While apophaticism in the academy may have had its heyday in the debates about negative theology and deconstruction in the 1990s, negative knowledges have continued to influence theatre and performance studies around issues of embodiment, the non- and post-human, objects, archives, the ethics of otherness, and the inaccessible in the work of minority artists. Part of the history of apophaticism lies in mystic literature; with the rise of the New Age movement, which claimed historical mysticism as its predecessor, apophaticism has often been sidelined as spirituality rather than serious study. By reassessing ancient forms of negative epistemology, this book suggests that artists, scholars, students and teachers alike can more deeply engage forms of unknowing through what cannot be spoken and cannot be represented, both on the stage and in every aspect of social life.

  • Psychosyntax the nature of grammar and its place in the mind / David Pereplyotchik

  • Cult media : re-packaged, re-released and restored / Jonathan Wroot, Andy Willis, editors

  • Virtual weaponry : the militarized internet in Hollywood war films / Aaron Tucker

  • Rethinking media development through evaluation : beyond freedom / Jessica Noske-Turner

  • The long take : critical approaches / John Gibbs, Douglas Pye, editors

  • Perspectives on contemporary Irish theatre populating the stage / Anne Etienne, Thierry Dubost, editors

  • Romantic Childhood, Romantic Heirs Reproduction and Retrospection, 1820 - 1850

  • Art cinema and theology the word was made film / Justin Ponder

  • Masculine Identity in Modernist Literature Castration, Narration, and a Sense of the Beginning, 1919-1945

  • Bernard Shaw's marriages and misalliances Robert A. Gaines, editor

  • The Ecopoetics of Entanglement in Contemporary Turkish and American Literatures

  • Precarious Labour and the Contemporary Novel

  • The boy detective in early British children's literature : patrolling the borders between boyhood and manhood / Lucy Andrew

  • Arab women and the media in changing landscapes / Elena Maestri, Annemarie Profanter, editors ; foreword by Lubna Ahmed Al-Kazi

  • The lost child in literature and culture / Mark Froud

  • Media convergence and deconvergence / Sergio Sparviero, Corinna Peil, Gabriele Balbi, editors

  • Disney and the dialectic of desire : fantasy as social practice / Joseph Zornado

  • Reassessing the Hitchcock touch : industry, collaboration, and filmmaking / Wieland Schwanebeck, editor

  • Other capitals of the nineteenth century : an alternative mapping of literary and cultural space / Richard Hibbitt, editor

  • Crimes and punishments and Bernard Shaw / Bernard F. Dukore

  • Alternate histories and nineteenth-century literature : untimely meditations in Britain, France, and America / Ben Carver

  • Black consciousness and South Africa's national literature Tom Penfold

  • Reading uncreative writing conceptualism, expression, and the lyric / David Kaufmann

  • In collaboration with British literary biography haunting conversations / Jane McVeigh

  • Ecological literature and the critique of anthropocentrism Bryan L. Moore

  • War and theatrical innovation edited by Victor Emeljanow

  • Sound and modernity in the literature of London, 1880-1918 Patricia Pye

  • Elizabethan and Jacobean reappropriation in contemporary British drama 'Upstart crows' / Graham Saunders

  • Veronica Forrest-Thomson poet on the periphery / Gareth Farmer

  • Memory frictions in contemporary literature María Jesús Martínez- Alfaro, Silvia Pellicer-Ortín, editors

  • Teaching Victorian literature in the twenty-first century a guide to pedagogy / Jen Cadwallader, Laurence W. Mazzeno, editors

  • Dickens and the virtual city : urban perception and the production of social space / Estelle Murail, Sara Thornton, editors
    This book is about the aesthetic practices used by Dickens to make the space which we have come to know as the Dickensian City. It concentrates on three very precise techniques for the production of social space (counter-mapping, overlaying and troping). The chapters show the cityscapes and writings which influenced him and the way he transformed them, packaged them and passed them on for future use. The city is shown to be an imagined or virtual world but with a serious aim: Dickens sets up a workshop for the simulation of real societies and cities. This urban building is transferable to other literatures and medial forms. This book offers vital understanding of how writing and image work in particular ways to recreate and re-enchant society and the built environment. It will be of interest to scholars of literature, media, film, urban studies, politics and economics.

  • British Empire and the literature of rebellion : revolting bodies, laboring subjects / Sheshalatha Reddy

  • Time, Technology and Narrative Form in Contemporary Us Television Drama Pause, Rewind, Record

  • Tolkien and alterity / Christopher Vaccaro, Yvette Kisor, editors

  • Digital bodies : creativity and technology in the arts and humanities / edited by Susan Broadhurst and Sara Price

  • Teaching literature text and dialogue in the English classroom / Ben Knights, editor

  • Voices of Cosmopolitanism in Early American Writing and Culture

  • Radical revival as adaptation theatre, politics, society / Jozefina Komporaly

  • The Mexican crack writers : history and criticism / Héctor Jaimes, editor

  • Reading the male gaze in literature and culture studies in erotic epistemology / James D. Bloom

  • Reading and writing experimental texts critical innovations / Robin Silbergleid, Kristina Quynn, editors

  • How political actors use the media : a functional analysis of the media's role in politics / Peter Van Aelst, Stefaan Walgrave, editors

  • Adrienne Rich : challenging authors / Karen F. Stein (University of Rhode Island, USA)
    PS 3535 I233 Z885 2017eb

  • The anime boom in the United States : lessons for global creative industries / Michal Daliot-Bul and Nissim Otmazgin
    PN 1992.8 A59 D35 2017

    The Anime Boom in the United States provides a comprehensive and empirically-grounded study of the various stages of anime marketing and commercial expansion into the United States. It also examines the supporting organizational and cultural processes, thereby describing a transnational, embedded system for globalizing and localizing commodified culture.

    Focusing primarily on television anime series but also significant theatrical releases, the book draws on several sources, including in-depth interviews with Japanese and American professionals in the animation industry, field research, and a wide-scale market survey. The authors investigate the ways in which anime has been exported to the United States since the 1960s, and explore the transnational networks of anime production and marketing. They also investigate the many cultural and artistic processes anime inspired.

    The analysis of the rise and fall of the U.S. anime boom is the starting point for a wider investigation of the multidirectional globalization of contemporary culture and the way in which global creative industries operate in an age of media digitalization and convergence. This story carries broad significance for those interested in understanding the dynamics of power structures in cultural and media globalization.

  • De l'Expo 67 à Céline Dion : essai sur la performance nationale / Erin Hurley ; traduit de l'anglais par Anne-Marie Regimbald
    PN 2305 Q4 H8714 2017

  • Rogue archives : digital cultural memory and media fandom / Abigail De Kosnik
    PN 3377.5 F33D425 2016eb

    The task of archiving was once entrusted only to museums, libraries, and other institutions that acted as repositories of culture in material form. But with the rise of digital networked media, a multitude of self-designated archivists -- fans, pirates, hackers -- have become practitioners of cultural preservation on the Internet. These nonprofessional archivists have democratized cultural memory, building freely accessible online archives of whatever content they consider suitable for digital preservation. In Rogue Archives , Abigail De Kosnik examines the practice of archiving in the transition from print to digital media, looking in particular at Internet fan fiction archives.

    De Kosnik explains that media users today regard all of mass culture as an archive, from which they can redeploy content for their own creations. Hence, "remix culture" and fan fiction are core genres of digital cultural production. De Kosnik explores, among other things, the anticanonical archiving styles of Internet preservationists; the volunteer labor of online archiving; how fan archives serve women and queer users as cultural resources; archivists' efforts to attract racially and sexually diverse content; and how digital archives adhere to the logics of performance more than the logics of print. She also considers the similarities and differences among free culture, free software, and fan communities, and uses digital humanities tools to quantify and visualize the size, user base, and rate of growth of several online fan archives.

  • Aesthetic animism : digital poetry's ontological implications / David Jhave Johnston
    PN 1059 C6J86 2016eb

  • Computational models of referring : a study in cognitive science / Kees van Deemter
    P 325.5 R44D43 2015eb

  • Machine translation / Thierry Poibeau
    P 308 P65 2017eb

    The dream of a universal translation device goes back many decades, long before Douglas Adams's fictional Babel fish provided this service in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy . Since the advent of computers, research has focused on the design of digital machine translation tools -- computer programs capable of automatically translating a text from a source language to a target language. This has become one of the most fundamental tasks of artificial intelligence. This volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series offers a concise, nontechnical overview of the development of machine translation, including the different approaches, evaluation issues, and market potential. The main approaches are presented from a largely historical perspective and in an intuitive manner, allowing the reader to understand the main principles without knowing the mathematical details.

    The book begins by discussing problems that must be solved during the development of a machine translation system and offering a brief overview of the evolution of the field. It then takes up the history of machine translation in more detail, describing its pre-digital beginnings, rule-based approaches, the 1966 ALPAC (Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee) report and its consequences, the advent of parallel corpora, the example-based paradigm, the statistical paradigm, the segment-based approach, the introduction of more linguistic knowledge into the systems, and the latest approaches based on deep learning. Finally, it considers evaluation challenges and the commercial status of the field, including activities by such major players as Google and Systran.

  • Literature : an introduction to theory and analysis / edited by Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Lasse Horne Kjældgaard, Lis Møller, Dan Ringgaard, Lilian Munk Rösing, and Peter Simonsen
    PN 45 L513158 2017
    How does literature work? And what does it mean? How does it relate to the world: to politics, to history, to the environment? How do we analyse and interpret a literary text, paying attention to its specific poetic and fictitious qualities? This wide-ranging introduction helps students to explore these and many other essential questions in the study of literature, criticism and theory. In a series of introductory chapters, leading international scholars present the fundamental topics of literary studies through conceptual definitions as well as interpretative readings of works familiar from a range of world literary traditions. In an easy-to-navigate format, Literature: An Introduction to Theory and Analysis covers such topics as: #65533;Key definitions - from plot, character and style to genre, trope and author #65533;Literature's relationship to the surrounding world - ethics, politics, gender and nature #65533;Modes of literature and criticism - from books to performance, from creative to critical writing With annotated reading guides throughout and a glossary of major critical schools to help students when studying, revising and writing essays, this is an essential introduction and reference guide to the study of literature at all levels

  • Slaughterhouse-five, or, the children's crusade : a duty-dance with death / by Kurt Vonnegut, a fourth-generation German-American now living in easy circumstances on Cape Cod (and smoking too much), who, as an American infantry scout hors de combat, as a prisoner of war, witnessed the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany, "the Florence of the Elbe," a long time ago, and survived to tell the tale. This is a novel somewhat in the telegraphic schizophrenic manner of tales of the planet Tralfamadore, where the flying saucers come from. Peace
    PS 3572 O5 S5 1991
    Slaughterhous-Five is one of the world's great anti-war books. Centering on the infamous fire-bombing of Dresden, Billy Pilgrim's odyssey through time reflects the mythic journey of our own fractured lives as we search for meaning in what we are afraid to know.

  • The tempest / William Shakespeare ; with new and updated critical essays and a revised bibliography edited by Robert Langbaum
    PR 2833 A2 L28 1998
    The Signet Classics edition of William Shakespeare's fantastical play that combines elements of tragedy and comedy.

    Prospero, sorcerer and rightful Duke of Milan, along with his daughter Miranda, has lived on an island for many years since his position was usurped by his brother Antonio. Then, as Antonio's ship passes near the island one day, Prospero conjures up a terrible storm...

    This revised Signet Classics edition includes unique features such as:

    * An overview of Shakespeare's life, world, and theater
    * A special introduction to the play by the editor, Robert Langbaum
    * Selections from William Strachey, Sylvester Jourdain, Montaigne, and Ovid, sources from which Shakespeare derived The Tempest
    * Dramatic criticism from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, E.M.W. Tillyard, Lori Jerrell, and others
    * A comprehensive stage and screen history of notable actors, directors, and productions
    * Text, notes, and commentaries printed in the clearest, most readable text
    * And more...

  • Sylvia Plath : poems / selected by Ted Hughes
    PS 3566 L27 A6 2004

    The response of one writer to the work of another can be doubly illuminating. In this series, a poet selects and introduces another poet whom they have particularly admired. Ted Hughes's classic selection of Sylvia Plath's poetry provides the perfect introduction to a major body of work in twentieth-century poetry.

    Hughes draws upon the collections Ariel, The Colossus, Crossing the Water and Winter Trees , and from Sylvia Plath's Pulitzer Prize-winning Collected Poems .

  • The killer angels / Michael Shaara ; maps by Don Pitcher
    PS 3569 H2 K5 2003
    "My favorite historical novel . . . a superb re-creation of the Battle of Gettysburg, but its real importance is its insight into what the war was about, and what it meant."--James M. McPherson

    In the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation's history, two armies fought for two conflicting dreams. One dreamed of freedom, the other of a way of life. Far more than rifles and bullets were carried into battle. There were memories. There were promises. There was love. And far more than men fell on those Pennsylvania fields. Bright futures, untested innocence, and pristine beauty were also the casualties of war. Michael Shaara's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece is unique, sweeping, unforgettable--the dramatic story of the battleground for America's destiny.

  • Olio / Tyehimba Jess
    PS 3610 E874 A6 2016

    Part fact, part fiction, Tyehimba Jess's much anticipated second book weaves sonnet, song, and narrative to examine the lives of mostly unrecorded African American performers directly before and after the Civil War up to World War I. Olio is an effort to understand how they met, resisted, complicated, co-opted, and sometimes defeated attempts to minstrelize them.

    So, while I lead this choir, I still find that
    I'm being led...I'm a missionary
    mending my faith in the midst of this flock...
    I toil in their fields of praise. When folks see
    these freedmen stand and sing, they hear their God
    speak in tongues. These nine dark mouths sing shelter;
    they echo a hymn's haven from slavery's weather.

    Detroit native Tyehimba Jess ' first book of poetry, leadbelly , was a winner of the 2004 National Poetry Series. Jess, a Cave Canem and NYU Alumni, has received fellowships from the Whiting Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council, and the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. Jess is also a veteran of the 2000 and 2001 Green Mill Poetry Slam Team. He exhibited his poetry at the 2011 TEDxNashville Conference. Jess is an Associate Professor of English at College of Staten Island.

  • Greek literature / edited by P.E. Easterling and B.M.W. Knox
    PA 3052 G73 1985eb

  • Latin literature / edited by E.J. Kenney ; advisory editor, W.V. Clausen
    PA 6003 L3 1982eb

  • The Cambridge history of Chinese literature. edited by Kang-i Sun Chang and Stephen Owen
    PL 2265 C36 2010eb

  • The Cambridge history of Chinese literature. edited by Kang-i Sun Chang
    PL 2265 C36 2010eb

  • The Cambridge History of British Theatre edited by Baz Kershaw
    PN 2581 C36 2004eb

  • The Cambridge history of British theatre. edited by Jane Milling and Peter Thomson
    PN 2581 C36 2008eb

  • The Cambridge history of British theatre. edited by Joseph Donohue
    PN 2581 C36 2008eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92. C34 2002eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 1999eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 2005eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 1996eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 2004eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 1994eb

  • The Cambridge History of American Literature edited by Sacvan Bercovitch
    PS 92 C34 2005eb

  • The Cambridge history of American literature. general editor, Sacvan Bercovitch ; associate editor, Cyrus R.K. Patell
    PS 92 C34 1995eb

  • Haunted childhoods : short stories / Pauline Michel ; translated by Nigel Spencer
    PS8576 I24F74 2006eb

  • Claire Danes / Jennifer Ambrose
    PN 2287 D258A43 2000eb
    The first biography of the beautiful young star of William Shakespeare s Romeo + Juliet, Brokedown Palace and My So-Called Life (the critically acclaimed television show). Claire Danes may be only twenty years old but she is one of the most respected and sought-after young stars in Hollywood. She has been heralded as the best actress of her generation by Steven Spielberg, and counts her mentor Jodie Foster (who will direct her in the feature film Flora Plum, scheduled for release in 2000) among her most ardent supporters. Claire Danes traces the New York native s enviable

  • Sound as popular culture : a research companion / edited by Jens Gerrit Papenburg and Holger Schulze
    P 96 S66 S68 2016eb
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