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Modern Languages and Literature - Concordia University Libraries Recent Acquisitions

Items in Modern Languages and Literature that were added to the Concordia University Libraries collection in the last 90 days.

  • Black consciousness and South Africa's national literature Tom Penfold

  • The Mexican crack writers : history and criticism / Héctor Jaimes, editor

  • The Cambridge history of Chinese literature. edited by Kang-i Sun Chang and Stephen Owen
    PL 2265 C36 2010eb

  • The Cambridge history of Chinese literature. edited by Kang-i Sun Chang
    PL 2265 C36 2010eb

  • Postcolonial modernism and the picaresque novel literatures of precarity / Jens Elze

  • The death of Ivan Ilyich / Leo Tolstoy ; translated from the Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky ; with an introduction by Richard Pevear
    PG 3366 A13 P47 2012

    Tolstoy's most famous novella is an intense and moving examination of death and the possibilities of redemption, here in a powerful translation by the award-winning Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky.

    Ivan Ilyich is a middle-aged man who has spent his life focused on his career as a bureaucrat and emotionally detached from his wife and children. After an accident he finds himself on the brink of an untimely death, which he sees as a terrible injustice. Face to face with his mortality, Ivan begins to question everything he has believed about the meaning of life. The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a masterpiece of psychological realism and philosophical profundity that has inspired generations of readers.

  • The human family = Menschenkinder / Lou Andreas-Salomé ; translated and with an introduction by Raleigh Whitinger
    PT 2601 N4 M4613 2005

  • The Tangwang language an interdisciplinary case study in Northwest China / Dan Xu

  • Pier Paolo Pasolini : performing authorship / Gian Maria Annovi
    PQ 4835 A48 Z565 2017
    Before his mysterious murder in 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini had become famous--and infamous--not only for his groundbreaking films and literary works but also for his homosexuality and criticism of capitalism, colonialism, and Western materialism. In Pier Paolo Pasolini: Performing Authorship , Gian Maria Annovi revisits Pasolini's oeuvre to examine the author's performance as a way of assuming an antagonistic stance toward forms of artistic, social, and cultural oppression. Annovi connects Pasolini's notion of authorship to contemporary radical artistic practices and today's multimedia authorship.

    Annovi considers the entire range of Pasolini's work, including his poetry, narrative and documentary film, dramatic writings, and painting, as well as his often scandalous essays on politics, art, literature, and theory. He interprets Pasolini's multimedia authorial performance as a masochistic act to elicit rejection, generate hostility, and highlight the contradictions that structure a repressive society. Annovi shows how questions of authorial self-representation and self-projection relate to the artist's effort to undermine the assumptions of his audience and criticize the conformist practices that the culture industry and mass society impose on the author. Pasolini reveals the critical potential of his spectacular celebrity by using the author's corporeal or vocal presence to address issues of sexuality and identity, and through his strategic self-fashioning in films, paintings, and photographic portraits he destabilizes the audience's assumptions about the author.

  • For two thousand years / Mihail Sebastian ; translated from the Romanian by Philip Ó Ceallaigh ; with a foreword by Mark Mazower
    PC 839 S37 D413 2017
    Available in English for the first time, Mihail Sebastian's classic 1934 novel delves into the mind of a Jewish student in Romania during the fraught years preceding World War II.

    This literary masterpiece revives the ideological debates of the interwar period through the journal of a Romanian Jewish student caught between anti-Semitism and Zionism. Although he endures persistent threats just to attend lectures, he feels disconnected from his Jewish peers and questions whether their activism will be worth the cost. Spending his days walking the streets and his nights drinking and conversing with revolutionaries, zealots, and libertines, he remains isolated, even from the women he loves. From Bucharest to Paris, he strives to make peace with himself in an increasingly hostile world.

    For Two Thousand Years echoes Mihail Sebastian's struggles as the rise of fascism ended his career and turned his friends and colleagues against him. Born of the violence of relentless anti-Semitism, his searching, self-derisive work captures a defining moment in history and lights the way for generations to come--a prescient, heart-wrenching chronicle of resilience and despair, resistance and acceptance.

  • Kaleidoskop : kultur, literatur und grammatik : Übungsbuch = student activities manual / Simone Berger, Jack Moeller
    PF 3112 M65 2017 Manual

  • Kaleidoskop : Kultur, literatur und grammatik / Jack Moeller (Oakland University), Simone Berger (Starnberg, Germany), Anja Wieden (Oakland University), Barbara Mabee (Oakland University), Winnifred R. Adolph (Florida State University)
    PF 3112 M65 2017
    KALEIDOSKOP features a flexible four-skills, student-centered approach that promotes communication and focuses on the literature and culture of the German-speaking world. KALEIDOSKOP is essentially two books in one--a cultural and literary reader ("Lektuere" with 10 "Themen"), and a comprehensive review of grammar (Kapitel). The 9th Edition also features a fully integrated short film (Kurzfilm) in every other chapter. Reading plays an important role in this text, with exercises for listening, speaking and writing revolving around the wide range of authentic reading selections, including: advertisements, charts, newspaper and magazine articles, letters, e-mails, forum mails, polls, interviews, biographies, songs, poems, and fiction.

  • Integrated Chinese = [Zhong wen ting shuo du xie]. Tao-chung Yao [and others]
    PL 1129 E5 I684 2005

  • The summer house, later / Judith Hermann ; translated from the German by Margot Bettauer Dembo
    PT 2668 E749 S6613 2002
    The bestselling voice of the new Berlin 'The little jewellery box also held the red coral bracelet from Nikolai Sergeyevich. Its six hundred and seventy-five little coral beads were strung onto a silken thread, and they glowed as red as rage. My great-grandmother put the hairbrush down in her lap. She closed her eyes for a long time. Then she opened her eyes again, took the red coral bracelet from the little box and fastened it around her left wrist. Her skin was very white. That evening, for the first time in three years, she shared a meal with my great-grandfather.' Coral bracelets 'as red as rage' from Russian lovers; a sad old woman who nonetheless 'sometimes sang and winked with her left eye and laughed till the tears came'; country houses 'away from Berlin, linden trees out front, chestnuts in the back, sky above'. The Summer House, Later is an elegant, measured, reflective collection of stories which captures beautifully the promise of bright colours lying just out of reach of our grey daily routines. Set in and around Europe's fastest-growing, fastest-living city, these stories take as their starting point the monotony of modern urban life -- the endless antennas and chimne

  • Fame / Daniel Kehlmann ; translated by Carol Brown Janeway
    PT 2671 E32 R8413 2011

    Imagine being famous. Wouldn't that be great?

    'A real beauty of a book' - Jonathan Franzen
    'Riffs echo through this playful, perplexing landscape' - The Times

    But what if, one day, you got stuck in a country where no one spoke your language. Where no one knew your face and you had no way of contacting home. How would your fame help you then?

    What would happen if someone got hold of your mobile phone? If they spoke to your girlfriends, your agent, your director and started making decisions for you. And when no one believed that you were you any more, when you saw a lookalike acting your roles for you, what would you do?

    In this delightfully entertaining book, Daniel Kehlmann throws his characters into situations that are thrilling, funny, surprising and tragic, confirming his place as one of his generation's finest writers.

  • From domestic women to sensitive young men : translating the individual in early colonial Korea / Yoon Sun Yang
    PL 954 Y36 2017

    The notion of the individual was initially translated into Korean near the end of the nineteenth century and took root during the early years of Japanese colonial influence. Yoon Sun Yang argues that the first literary iterations of the Korean individual were prototypically female figures appearing in the early colonial domestic novel--a genre developed by reform-minded male writers--as schoolgirls, housewives, female ghosts, femmes fatales , and female same-sex partners. Such female figures have long been viewed as lacking in modernity because, unlike numerous male characters in Korean literature after the late 1910s, they did not assert their own modernity, or that of the nation, by exploring their interiority. Yang, however, shows that no reading of Korean modernity can ignore these figures, because the early colonial domestic novel cast them as individuals in terms of their usefulness or relevance to the nation, whether model citizens or iconoclasts.

    By including these earlier narratives within modern Korean literary history and positing that they too were engaged in the translation of individuality into Korean, Yang's study not only disrupts the canonical account of a non-gendered, linear progress toward modern Korean selfhood but also expands our understanding of the role played by translation in Korea's construction of modern gender roles.

  • Petrarch's Famous men in the early Renaissance : the illuminated copies of Felice Feliciano's edition / Lilian Armstrong
    PQ 4502 A76 2016

  • Chinese literary forms in Heian Japan : poetics and practice / Brian Steininger
    PL 719.81 S74 2017

    Written Chinese served as a prestigious, cosmopolitan script across medieval East Asia, from as far west as the Tarim Basin to the eastern kingdom of Heian period Japan (794-1185). In this book, Brian Steininger revisits the mid-Heian court of the Tale of Genji and the Pillow Book , where literary Chinese was not only the basis of official administration, but also a medium for political protest, sermons of mourning, and poems of celebration.

    Chinese Literary Forms in Heian Japan reconstructs the lived practice of Chinese poetic and prose genres among Heian officials, analyzing the material exchanges by which documents were commissioned, the local reinterpretations of Tang aesthetic principles, and the ritual venues in which literary Chinese texts were performed in Japanese vocalization. Even as state ideology and educational institutions proclaimed the Chinese script's embodiment of timeless cosmological patterns, everyday practice in this far-flung periphery subjected classical models to a string of improvised exceptions. Through careful comparison of literary and documentary sources, this book provides a vivid case study of one society's negotiation of literature's position--both within a hierarchy of authority and between the incommensurable realms of script and speech.

  • Paris, capitale du XIXe siècle : le livre des passages / Walter Benjamin ; traduit de l'allemand par Jean Lacoste ; d'après l'édition originale établi par Rolf Tiedemann
    PT 2603 E455 P33514 1989

  • Decameron / Giovanni Boccaccio ; a cura di Vittore Branca
    PQ 4267 A2 2015

  • Kafka sur le rivage / Haruki Murakami ; traduit du japonais par Corinne Atlan
    PL 856 U673 U514 2006

  • Vistas : introducción a la lengua española / José A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley, Late
    PC 4129 E5 V57 2016b

  • Poesía indígena de América / selección y prólogo de Guillermo Alberto Arévalo
    PQ 6208 I53 P64 1995

  • Sous tant de paupières : Bergman avant la mondialisation des écrans / Freddy Buache
    PT 9875 B533 B83 2010
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