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IEEE citation style

Technical reports, datasheets, etc.

Technical reports often include detailed research on an organization's own work concerning a problem. These reports are often not published in a traditional sense. Citing technical reports may require identifying additional information from corporate sites.

IEEE also recommends using the following format for documents such as datasheets or corporate handbooks.

Model for a technical report

  1. J. K. Author, “Title of report,” Abbrev. Name of Co., City of Co., Abbrev. State, Country, Rep. no., vol./issue, year. [Medium]. Available: site/path/file


Technical report

  1. F. A. Shen, “Flexible rotor dynamics analysis,” Rockwell International Corp., Canoga Park, CA, 19730022708, Sep. 1973 [Online]. Available:

Product datasheet

  1. Unitron, “uTV 3 Technical Data,” Kitchener, Canada, Datasheet 14-050 027-5875-02, Feb. 2015 [Online]. Available:

Note that the author is the name of the company in the datasheet example.

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