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Course readings and textbooks for students

Online course readings

Upon request of the course instructor, the Library provides online access to course readings to all students enrolled in the class.

The access your course readings:

Log into the Course Reserves system


  • Once you log into the Course Reserves system you will see a list of all courses you are currently enrolled in.
  • Select the course you want and check if your professor posted any readings for that course.

The online course readings will be available in the Course Reserves system only if your professor has requested them.

After the end of the exam period, your course will no longer be available in the Course Reserves system. If you require extended access to your course readings, please send an email request to

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Citations for course readings

Citation information for readings are available within course reserves. Click on the "Show Details" tab next to a reading to view this information.

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Course textbooks

Course textbooks will be placed in the Course Reserves Room at the Webster Library or Vanier Library. Books are organized by call number. To find the call number of the book, please look up your course in the course reserves system.

call number information in course reserves

Alternatively, if you know the title of the book, search for it in Sofia, the Library catalogue, and look for the call number.

course reserves information in Sofia

Many courses have several sections taught by different instructors and may use different textbooks. Please consult the reading list you were given for the course to identify a book your instructor wants you to use.

Please note that:

  • Hard copies of reserve materials are kept in at the Course Reserve Rooms in the Webster and Vanier libraries
  • They must be borrowed from inside the Course Reserve Rooms
  • They must be returned to the service point from which they were borrowed
  • Due to high demand, course reserves:
    • Have shorter loan periods (e.g. 3 hrs, 1 day); an item on reserve with a loan period of 3 hours that is borrowed less than 3 hours before the Circulation Desk closes may be kept overnight, but will need to be returned by 11 am the next day.
    • Must be returned before they can be borrowed again
    • Incur higher fines. Note that reserve items due while the library is closed, will not start incurring fines until after 11 am the next day.
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