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How to find books

Getting books

From the Sofia Discovery tool to the shelf

Click on any title in your list of results for more information, such as the book’s location in the library, call number and availability.

Availability information for books in access options in Sofia Discovery tool Availability information for books in Sofia Discovery tool

“Available” means that your book is available for you to borrow. The call number is the address of the book within the library. A call number always starts with one or two letters followed by numbers (ex: TJ 163.2). To find your book, look for the letters first, and then the numbers. Go to the library floor indicated under "location" and pay attention to the letters on the end of the shelves. They are organized alphabetically. Once you found the shelf corresponding to your book's call number, follow the numbers until you retrieve it.

Tip: The books in the library are grouped by subject. Browsing the shelves around an interesting book can help you find related books on the same topic.

If the book you are looking for is already checked out, you can place a request for it. You can also place a request to have a book delivered from the Webster Library to the Vanier Library or vice versa. Learn more about requests.

If you are unable to find your book on the shelves, try these solutions:

  • Verify if you wrote down the correct call number and location.
  • Check the availability of your book to make sure it is currently in the library.
  • Place a request on the book.
  • Ask for help at the reference or information desks.
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