Borrowing items

How to borrow items

You can use your Concordia ID card (or Alumni Card / Library Privilege Card with valid ID*) to borrow from the Concordia Library. Borrowers must have an active (non-expired) library account. In cases where the usual loan period would exceed the expiry date on the user's account, the loan will be due back on the expiry date.

You can borrow regularly circulating material at the Loans & Returns desk (Webster Library) or Circulation desk (Vanier Library) or at a self-checkout machine at either library.

To use the self-checkout machine, scan the barcode on your Concordia ID card (or Alumni Card / Library Privilege Card) and scan the barcode of each item you wish to borrow. The machine will print out a receipt for you.

Some material, such as journals and reference material, must be consulted within the Library only and cannot be borrowed.

If an item you wish to borrow is currently not available for borrowing (e.g., another user has borrowed the item or the item is newly acquired and not on the shelf yet), you can request a hold for this item.

* Valid ID: Driver's license with an address or photo ID with some proof of residence (e.g., utility bill).

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Maximum number of items

User type (see definitions below) Loan item limit Holds item limit
Concordia University community 100 50
External academic community 100 0
Concordia alumni 30 5
CEGEP partners 30 5
Paying members 30 5
User type definitions
Concordia community
Current Concordia students, staff, faculty, post-docs and retirees
External academic community
Members from institutions with which the Concordia Library has agreements (OCUL, CAUL, COPPUL,)
Concordia alumni
See the University's Alumni & Friends webpage to see who is eligible for an Alumni ID card
CEGEP partners
Members from CEGEPs in Quebec that have agreements with the Concordia Library
Paying members
Members who have paid the $50 membership fee.
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Loan duration

Item type (see definitions below) Loan duration Limits
Regularly circulating collections of all BCI libraries 30 days (with automatic renewals)
Daily course reserve loans 1 day
3-hour course reserve loans 3 hours
Accessories 1 day
Equipment 1 day Only available for the Concordia community
Library laptops 1 day
Library tablets 3 days
Technology Sandbox items 7 days
Item definitions
Regularly circulating collections of all BCI libraries
Includes books, video and sound recordings, kits, etc., that are not in Course Reserves, Special Collections, or the non-circulating reference collection
Daily course reserve loans
Items from the Course Reserves Room with a one-day loan period. Only available to the Concordia community.
Three-day course reserve loans
Items from the Course Reserves Room with a three-day loan period. Only available to the Concordia community.
Three-hour course reserve loans
Items from the Course Reserves Room with a three-hour loan period. Only available to the Concordia community.
Includes light therapy lamps, calculators, markers, external CD/DVD drives, visual aid keyboards, portable standing desks, and adaptors. Only available to the Concordia community.
Includes headphones and phone chargers. Available to all borrowing users.
Library laptops
Only available to the Concordia community.
Library tablets
Only available to the Concordia community.
Technology Sandbox items
Includes cameras, Arduino kits, tripods, gaming systems, video games, Raspberry Pi kits, VR headsets, and more (see full list of Technology Sandbox items). Only available to the Concordia community.
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Self-checkout machine

Library users can check out materials for themselves using the self-checkout machines at Webster and Vanier Libraries. One machine is available in the entry area of the Vanier Library and there are two machines at the Webster Library, also in the entry area. To use them, you must have your Concordia ID card, Alumni ID card or Library Privilege Card.

If you need help, select the "Instructions" button on the self-checkout screen or see staff at the Loans & Returns Desk (Webster Library) or Circulation Desk (Vanier Library).

Certain items cannot be checked out at the machine, including:

  • Items which have been requested by another user
  • Reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)
  • All journals, magazines, and newspapers
  • Media materials including microforms, videos, etc.
  • Equipment (e.g., laptops, tablets, Technology Sandbox items)

Please note that the Library Loans Policy and Policy on Overdue and Lost Material apply for transactions done through the self-checkout machine.

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Other Quebec university libraries

In July 2020, Quebec universities implemented a Shared Services Platform. This platform allows students, faculty, and staff from all Quebec university libraries to search, access, and request and borrow items from the collections of the 18 partner institutions. This new system eliminates the need for a BCI card in Quebec university libraries.

Note: Loans may not be available at some institutions due to the current situation with COVID-19.

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BCI card (university libraries outside of Quebec)

Concordia students, staff and faculty (including retired faculty) may be eligible to borrow items in person from other Canadian libraries outside of Quebec with a BCI card, issued by Concordia Library.

Bring your Concordia ID to the Loans & Returns desk at the Webster Library or the Circulation desk at the Vanier Library to get your BCI card.

When borrowing from other Canadian university libraries, please take note of the following:

  • The borrower must show a BCI card as well as provide appropriate personal identification (picture ID) for registration.
  • In requesting a BCI card, the borrower is agreeing to respect the policies and procedures of the lending library, including returns and fines policies.
  • All fines, replacement costs, and other fees are based upon the policies of the lending library. The borrower in arrears may reestablish borrowing privileges once all fines and fees are paid to the lending library.
  • Borrowed material may be returned at the returns counter of the lending library or to the returns counter of the borrower's home library.
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Updated: Monday 16 August 2021
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