About fines

If you receive an email notice concerning an item you have borrowed that cannot be renewed, you have seven days to return the item, after which overdue fines will apply.

You will receive a late notice on the eighth day after the original email notice if the item has still not been returned. You can pay your fines online from your Library Account.

A system of overdue fines, replacement charges and other sanctions is in place to encourage the timely return of library material to ensure fair access to library resources.

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Fines by item type

Item type Fine
All regularly circulating collections of all BCI libraries $0.50 per day*
1-day course reserve loans $2 per day
3-hour course reserve loans $2 per hour
Equipment (excluding laptops, tablets and Technology Sandbox items) $2 per day
Laptops $10 per day
Tablets $10 per day
Technology Sandbox items $10 per day
(if item is recalled, $5 per day)

*Recall fines

In exceptional circumstances (for example, when an item is needed for course reserves), the Library may recall a borrowed item. If this happens, you will receive a recall notice. You will have 7 days to return the item before fines start accruing on your account. The fine for a recalled item from the regularly circulating collection is $5/day (increased from $0.50/day).

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Library procedures for overdue or lost items

Fine notices

You will receive library notices via email or you can check your Library Account at any time.

Failure to receive an email reminder of the due date does not waive the Library's right to apply fines.

Bill notices sent when maximum fine is reached

Once an overdue item accumulates the maximum fine, the item is declared lost and a bill notice is mailed to the borrower.

Suspension of services

When the total unpaid fines are equal to or in excess of $50, the user's library borrowing, renewing and interlibrary loans privileges will be suspended.

Lost items

An item is considered lost when it is not returned within 40 days following the item's due date, or when reported lost by the borrower. Users will be required to pay the following charges for each item declared lost:

  • The outstanding fine to a maximum of $50, non-refundable
  • The replacement cost of the lost item
  • A non-refundable processing fee of $30

Replacement copies purchased by users will not be accepted. With the exception of equipment and reserve material, the purchase price may be waived or refunded if the item is returned within three months of billing.

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How to pay fines

Charges appearing in your Library account can be paid online, via your Library Account by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

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Updated: Friday 3 December 2021
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