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Overdue fines

A system of overdue fines, replacement charges and other sanctions is in place to encourage the timely return of library material to maximize availability and fair access to library resources. Thus, please note that:

  • All users will be fined for items not returned on time
  • To view the date due of an item check your library account (My Library Account)
  • Failure to renew an item via the self-renewals option does not waive the Library's right to apply fines
  • Failure to receive an e-mail reminder of the due date does not waive the Library's right to apply fines
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Fine prices & procedures

Item Fine
Books $1 per day per item* (max. of $20/item)
Recalled items
Videos and DVDs $2 per day per item* (max. of $20/item)
Reserve materials (per day loan) $2 per day per item* (max. of $20/item)
Reserve materials (per hour loan) $2 per hour per item* (max. of $20/item)
Laptop (per day loan) $10 per day (max. of $50)
Tablet $10 per day (max. of $50)
Sound Recordings (any format) $1 per day per item* (max. of $20/item)
Accessories (includes: calculators, headphones, phone chargers, external disc drives, adapters, whiteboard markers) $1 per hour (max. of $5)
Kits (not including Technology Sandbox kits) $1 per day (one charge for all kit parts)
Technology Sandbox items (incl. Video games) $10 per day (max. of $50)

* one volume of a book, one CD, one DVD, etc. When a title has more volumes, the fine will apply to each volume.

Suspension of services

When the total unpaid fines are equal to or in excess of $5 ($20 for faculty), the user's library borrowing, renewing and Interlibrary Loans privileges will be suspended.

Fines notices

You can receive library notices via email or you can check your library account anytime (use the My Library Account option in CLUES).

Bill notices sent when maximum fine is reached

Once an overdue item accumulates the maximum fine, the item is declared lost and a bill notice is mailed to the borrower.

Lost items

An item is considered lost when it is not returned within twenty (20) days following the item's due date, or when reported lost by the borrower. Users will be required to pay the following charges for each item declared lost:

  • the outstanding fine to a maximum of $20, non-refundable
  • the replacement cost of the lost item
  • a non-refundable processing fee of $20
  • Replacement copies purchased by patrons will not be accepted

Except for reserve material and equipment, the purchase price may be waived or refunded if the item is returned within three (3) months of billing.

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Methods of payment

Users may pay fines and other library debts at both the Vanier and Webster Circulation Desks by bank debit card, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Amercian Express), personal cheque or exact change. Payments cannot be made online.

Unpaid fines and/or bills are transferred to the University's Student Accounts at regular intervals. Students with outstanding debts to the University will not be permitted to register or graduate. Consult the University's Undergraduate Financial Obligations or Graduate Financial Obligations for more information on the University policy concerning unpaid accounts.

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Updated: Friday 29 May 2020
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