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Requesting books

Video instructions

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Concordia Library

You can request books in a few different ways at Concordia. For example, if you find a book located at Webster Library and would like it to be picked up at Vanier Library, simply click on the Request button (the same steps should be followed if you would like a Vanier Library book to be sent to Webster Library for pick-up).

For each print book in the Sofia Discovery tool, there is a link to request the book provided at the end of the record

Next, select your desired pick-up location and then click on Submit to complete your request.

Once you click on Request, you can select where you would like to pick up the item (Vanier Library or Webster Library)
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Quebec university libraries

If there is a book you need that is available at Concordia, but it is on hold or checked out by another user, you will be able to see if it is available through another Quebec university library. In the example below, all Concordia copies are in use, however, you can see that it is "Available from Bibliothèques universitaires du Québec". Click the Request button to request the book from the Quebec university library network.

Select a pick-up location and click on Submit to complete your request.

If you search for a specific book in Sofia, and determine that it is not available through Concordia, try expanding your search to include available books offered through other Quebec university libraries. Select the "Bibliothèques universitaires du Québec" filter under "Library" in the left menu.

If it is available through another Quebec university library, you will see the text, "Available from Bibliothèques universitaires du Québec", along with a Request button.

Simply select the Request button if you would like to request the book. Complete the request form by selecting the desired pick-up location and click on Submit to complete your request.

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Libraries worldwide

If the book you need cannot be found at Concordia Library, or one of the Quebec university libraries, you can place an interlibrary loan (ILL) request right in the Sofia Discovery tool.

Let's say you were looking to access the book in the example below. We can see that there is no availability through Concordia or any Quebec university library.

In this case, we see a "Request via Interlibrary Loan" button. Click this button to proceed with the request and sign into your account.

You will be brought to the "Book" form found in the "Requests" tab of your account.

The form will autofill certain information about the book. Review all the fields to ensure the information is correct. Select your desired pickup location (Webster or Vanier Library).

At the bottom of the form, you will see an "additional information" section. You can add in any other information pertaining to the request and/or specify the desired edition.

Click on "Submit request".

Your request can now be found in the "Requests" tab.

You will be notified by email when your item is ready for pickup.

Having trouble finding the book you need in Sofia? You can also create an ILL request through a form available in your Sofia "My Account".

To do this, sign into your account and click on the "Requests" option in the drop-down menu.

Select the "Create request" button.

Select the "Book" form. Fill out the form by providing as much detail as you can to help us locate your item. Select your desired pickup location.

Click on "Submit request".

Your request can then be found in the "Requests" tab.

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