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Requesting chapters

Follow these steps

Need a chapter scan of a part of a book? Follow the steps below whether the book is available through Concordia Library, a Quebec university library, or another library worldwide.

Search for the book in Sofia. If you are having trouble finding the book, expand your search to include results from Bibliothèques universitaires du Québec and/or Libraries Worldwide.

Once you find the book, select the "Chapter Scan/Put on Reserve" button.

Inside the full record for the book, your first option is for chapter scan - put on reserve

You will be brought to page called "What would you like to do today?". Select the "Request a scan from this document (e.g. chapter)" link.

Intermediate page with 2 options

Sign into your Sofia "My Account".

In this case, you will be brought to the "Article/Chapter" form in your "My Account".

Request type "COPY" will send you a PDF of the article.

The form will autofill certain information about the book. Be sure to specify the title of the chapter you need, along with the page numbers.

Type the title of the article or chapter as well as the page number range

At the bottom of the form, you will see an "additional information" section. You can add in any other information pertaining to the request.

Click on "Submit request".

Space to add comments and to submit or cancel the request

Your request can now be found in the "Requests" tab.

Submitted requests are listed under Requests

Having trouble finding the book chapter you need in Sofia? You can also create an ILL request to receive a scanned book chapter through a form available in your Sofia "My Account".

To do this, sign into your account and click on the "Requests" option in the drop-down menu.

View requests after signing in

Select the "Create request" button.

On your list of requests you have the option of creating a new request

Select the "Article/Chapter" form. Fill out the form by providing as much detail as you can to help us locate your item. Be sure to specify the title of the chapter you need, along with the page numbers.

Create a request for an article or chapter and fill in all the details

Click on "Submit request".

Add comments and submit or cancel the request

Your request can then be found in the "Requests" tab.

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