Data analysis and visualization

Data analysis and visualization

Analyzing data

Cleaning and preparing data

Prior to analyzing data, it is a good idea to clean and prepare it. There are many tools to help with this, such as:

  • Spreadsheet software: for sorting, converting units, formatting, etc. Example: Excel
  • Purpose-built tools: for data wrangling. Example: OpenRefine

Learn more about cleaning and preparing your data from:

Analyzing data
  • SPSS software for data analysis are available on Library computers and laptops as well as in the faculty or departmentalcomputer labs at Concordia.
  • R and Python workshops are available several times during the year at the Vanier Library. They are provided by Datascientifique.
  • Remember to capture the workflow that you develop when transforming your raw data. Follow the USGS workflow capture guide to learn more.

Visualizing data

The Concordia Library Visualization Studio supports graduate student and faculty learning, teaching and research.

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