A Guide to Avoiding Predatory Publishers

Predatory conferences

Predatory conferences are often small or one-off events, typically designed solely for profit. They exploit the researcher's need to share research, network, and to collaborate with peers. The details about the conference are usually vague and the research topics are general.

Predatory conferences may have the following characteristics

The email invitation for a predatory conference is like a predatory journal: flattering or intimidating. While some conferences may be expensive to attend, they often offer low-cost options for students or society members. Legitimate academic conferences will cover costs and provide an honorarium for keynote and special guest speakers. Predatory conferences on the other hand invite you as a special guest to present your work without lowering the cost.


Think.Check.Attend.: a quick guide on deciding whether the conference is right for you.

Conference Evaluation Tool: created by Emme Lopez & Christine S. Gaspard to help assess if a conference is predatory or not.

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