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Consultation with a subject librarian

Systematic review search consultations are available to Concordia students, faculty and staff, via the subject librarian assigned to their discipline.

During a systematic review consultation, you can expect:

  • Assistance with structuring a search strategy
  • Guidance on specialized resources you might consider searching
  • Assistance with search techniques specific to resources Concordia has access to

During a systematic review consultation, the librarian will not be responsible for:

  • Developing and documenting a comprehensive reproducible search strategy
  • Translating search strategies for additional database platforms
  • Running searches
  • Downloading the results to citation management software
  • De-duplicating the results
  • Searching grey literature resources

More in-depth assistance and collaboration may be available to Concordia faculty but is at the discretion of the librarian. In cases where librarians agree to be a member of a systematic review team, roles and deliverables should be discussed and agreed upon by both the review team’s principal investigator and the librarian.

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Resources and guides

To learn more about the recommended resources specific to your subject area, please visit the Library’s Subject Guides. There you will also find contact information for your subject librarian.

To explore the databases available to you as a Concordia researcher, please see the Library’s searchable list of Databases.

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