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2018 Webster Library Exhibitions

Remembering Expo 67

January 4 – March 12, 2018
Vernissage January 25, 2018


Johanne Sloan, professor in the Art History Department, Nick Cabelli and Kate Nugent, Concordia art history students


Objects on loan from Bruno Paul Stenson (Extensive Expo 67 private collection of textual items and objects)


Curated by art history professor Johanne Sloan, Remembering Expo 67 was comprised of unique documents, photographs, and artifacts that explore the enduring significance of Montréal’s 1967 world’s fair. Most of the items on display in this exhibition derived from the extraordinary Expo 67 collection amassed by Bruno Paul Stenson over the years. Stenson holds a Master of History from Concordia University and has long recognized the cultural and scholarly value of Expo 67.

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