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2018 Webster Library Exhibitions

Letterform[s] 3

March 22 – 26, 2018


Pata Macedo, part-time faculty member in the Department of Design and Computation Arts


Alexandra Alcancia-Shaw, Shannon Bain, Lydia Cargnan, Rym MarieChidac, Jason Elaschuk, Nicole Farmer, Rebecca Malagisi, Oscar Marhue, Anissa Miceli, Carolina Ovalle, Joel Ozkesen, Jasmine Sarzo Alfaro, Alessandro Scarpone, Mathew Schiefer, Hugo Spitz, and Loulwa Tabbara


Letterform[s] 3 was a pop-up exhibition of 3D artwork produced by students from the Department of Design and Computation Arts class DART 331 - Words in Space. As the class instructor and curator of this exhibition, Pata Macedo noted in her text that accompanied this exhibition that the students involved in this project “develop[ed] an awareness and understanding of the design of letterforms by observing and recording them in a context of public lettering.”

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