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2022 Webster Library Exhibitions

MANUAL: Adam Kinner + Christopher Willes

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June 3 – 5, 2022
Webster Library

The Webster Library is pleased to host the 3-day performance titled MANUAL by artists Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes, with guest performer Hanna Sybille Müller, as part of the 2022 OFFTA festival.

Manual is a one-on-one performance that delves into the sensory and social life of sounds and printed images. Staged covertly in a library, this piece invites viewers to work with a guide to enact a series of tiny actions together – working a collection of disparate materials into a manual for slowing down. They look at and listen to books. Fragments of images, texts, and sound recordings blur into one another. A web of reflections emerges around the act of listening and the intimacy of reading with another person. With Manual, Kinner and Willes stage a quiet meditation on the book as a vector of shared attention.

Adam Kinner + Christopher

Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes make performance projects that evoke an unusual attention to the ordinary in the fraught context of public spaces. Their collaborations often stem from an interest in the sensorial intelligence of sound, audience positionality, and the aesthetic and political possibilities that participatory performance frameworks sometimes unearth. They both have been active in the music and contemporary dance milieux over the past decade. Their previous project, Listening Choir, was shown around Canada and the United Kingdom.”


Individual performances run for approximately 40 minutes each and take place in the Webster Library. Participation is free to holders of a valid 2022 OFFTA festival pass, although attendees must reserve a time slot in advance with the OFFTA organizers to take part in this event.

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