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Handling of archival documents and rare books

  • Handle all materials with care.
  • When possible, handle the enclosure or the container instead of the document.
  • Do not lean on documents, books, enclosures, or boxes.
  • Do not place your note pad or electronic equipment on top of collection materials.
  • Support fragile bindings by using book-rests; do not lay books flat on the table.
  • If necessary, use small padded weights to hold down the pages so that they may be read without contacting your skin.
  • Photographs, audio-visual items, and other fragile material will require the use of lint free gloves.
  • Maintain the existing order of the materials in each folder. Do not reorganize or reclassify archival materials.
  • Remove only one folder from a box at a time.
  • Realign documents prior to putting them back into the file folder. Do this by manually aligning the papers not by tapping them on the desk.
  • Do not mark pages with sticky notes. Use the flags provided.
  • Do not dirty or annotate documents.
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