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Rooms available for booking

Room configuration

The default configuration will be a lecture set-up in both the Multifunctional Room and the Library classrooms. Other possible configurations are:

Other possible configurations are:

  • workgroup pods
  • debate style
  • lecture style

The desired configuration of the space must be indicated in the reservation request form at the time of the request. The Library will configure the space according to the requested configuration prior to the event, and will be responsible for reconfiguring the furniture to the standard configuration at the end of the event.

Workgroup configuration for the multifunctional room
Debate configuration for the multifunctional room
Lecture configuration for the multifunctional room

The lecture set-up in the Multifunctional Room accommodates 56 students, extra chairs in the room are available to comfortably seat a few more students at the tables. Safety regulations require that the maximum capacity of this room is 60 persons including the instructor. Under no circumstances should this room have more than 60 persons in it.

room configuration

For the Multifunctional Room, a request to reconfigure the space to either the workgroup pods of the debate styles (i.e., a configuration other than the default lecture style) requires notice of 10 business days. A request for one of the alternative configurations with less than 10 days' notice cannot be guaranteed. Confirmation of the configuration will be obtained by the Office of the University Librarian and communicated to the requestor as soon as possible.

For any signage or wayfinding aids, we suggest contacting the Office of the University Librarian to coordinate placement and removal of signage.

Updated: Thursday 4 June 2020
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