How to link to library resources

Linking to a specific title from the Sofia Discovery tool

You can link directly to a title in the Sofia Discovery tool. Once you find the title you want to link to, click on Link at the bottom of the record.

Permanent link

By doing so, a box will pop up with the new URL for you to copy.

permanent link address

Then, simply copy and paste this URL onto your webpage or any other document.

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Linking to search results from the Sofia Discovery tool

You can share useful catalogue search results with your students by linking directly to these results from your course website.

Once you have performed a successful search in the Sofia Discovery tool and are satisfied with the results, simply copy and paste the URL from your search results screen into your webpage.

Including a link to this URL on your webpage will lead your students directly to a current list of material matching your search criteria. If new material matching your search is added to the Library's collection, the URL will remains the same, even as the list of references grows.

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Linking to online material in the Course Reserves system

On your course website, you can also provide a direct link to Course Reserve material. This link makes it easier for students to retrieve the material they need.

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Linking to library Web resources

Direct links to specific resources and guides on the Libraries' Web site could also prove useful to your students. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Library Research Skills Tutorial

    The quizzes, videos and tips in this interactive tutorial is designed to provide students with the necessary foundations and skills to find useful information, to evaluate it critically and to use it wisely for various purposes such as writing research assignments.
  • Citation and Style Guides

    Provide a link to the frequently-requested Citation and Style Guides available on the Libraries' website if you require students to use a specific citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) when formatting a bibliography.
  • Databases (Articles & more)

    Are your students simply using the web rather than academic journal indexes or databases when researching a term paper? If so, provide a direct link to an appropriate database page or database subject list to lead them in the right direction.
  • Ask a Librarian

    A link to this service, or to our contact list of Subject Librarians, could serve as a reminder for students that library research help and assistance is always available.
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