File formats and organization

Directory structure

Consider creating a readme.txt file, in your project's main file folder, that gives an explanation of the directory structure and describes the contents of the major folders. See MIT's README file & folder schema example.
Best practices
  • The main folder should have an informative name. For example: title, unique identifier, and date (year).
  • Subfolders should be divided by common theme. For example:
    • research activity (interviews, surveys, experiment)
    • parameter assessed
    • data type (images, text, databases)
    • kind of material (publications, deliverables, documentation)
  • Consider restricting the level of folders to three or four deep and not to have more than ten items per folder.

Directory structure examples:

Psychology example Marketing example
Directory structure psychology example Directory structure marketing example
Source: Berenson, K.R. 2018. Managing your research data
and documentation
. American Psychology Association.
Source: UK Data Service


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