File formats and organization

File versioning

Version control strategies depend on whether files are being accessed by multiple users and in multiple locations. Consider using these best practices to keep track of file versions.
Best practices
  • Keep a copy of the 'master' data, and never edit it.
  • Add version information in file naming convention (eg. creation or modification date OR version number)
  • Use tools or software to help track file versioning. This could include:
    • Tools that automatically assign version numbers (eg. Electronic Lab Notebooks)
    • File sharing services (eg. Dropbox, Google Docs)
    • Version control software (eg. Subversion, Git)
    • Version control tables (see below)
  • Find out more

Version control table example

Source: UK Data Service

Title: Hearing screening tests in Montreal daycares
File name: HearingScreenResults_v05.csv
Description: Results data of 120 Hearning Screen Tests carried out in 7 daycares in Montreal during June 2017
Created by: Kate Smith
Maintained by: Mandy Watson
Created: 04/07/2017
Last modified: 25/11/2017
Version Responsible Notes Last amended
05 Mandy Watson Version 03 and 04 compared and merged by MW 25/11/2017
04 Alex Thakor Entries checked by AT, independent from SK 17/10/2017
03 Steve Knight Entries checked by SK 29/07/2017
02 Karen Miller Test results 81-120 entered 05/07/2017
01 Mandy Watson Test results 1-80 entered 04/07/2017
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