Plan data management

What is a data management plan?

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that helps researchers and funding agencies to understand the type of data that will be produced, how they will be managed and preserved, and how they will be shared.

Although a DMP can take many forms, it typically includes the following elements:

Data collection What type of data will be collected (formats, file naming and organization, version control)?
Documentation and metadata How will the data be documented and described (metadata, readme files, data dictionaries)?
Storage and backup How will the data be stored, for how long, where will it be backed-up and who will have access to it?
Preservation Where will the data be deposited and how (file formats, documentation, anonymization, etc.)?
Sharing and reuse What data will be shared and under what conditions?
Responsibilities and resources Who will be responsible for the data at the end of the project and what will be the cost of data management during and after the project?
Ethics and legal compliance How will sensitive data as well as legal, ethical and intellectual property issues be managed?

Source: DMP Assistant

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