Find or collect data

Find data

Third-party data sources

Depending on your project, your research might entail collecting the data yourself or finding third party data for reuse. Here are a few starting places to search for data:

Concordia resources
Disciplinary data repositories
  • Directory to data repositories across many disciplines
  • Data repositories: Simple listing of data repositories by subject category
Other data sources
  • (UK): U.K. government open data
  • (US): U.S. government open data
  • EU opendata portal: Open data by EU institutions and bodies
  • Lunaris: Canadian datasets from over 100 academic, government, and research repositories. Bilingual interface providing keyword and map-based searching.
  • Google dataset search: Searches all data freely available on the web that has been tagged using a standardized vocabulary called

Acquiring data for reuse

NOTE: Some data can only be used under certain licenses or terms of use. Make sure you understand what the terms are before using the data. More information on data user's rights.

Licenses or terms of use may be attached to publically available data. Look for this information in the repository where the data was found or in a codebook.

Furthermore, the use of certain data may require you to enter into an agreement, such as a Data Use Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, Licensing Agreement, etc.

For more information on these types of agreements, please contact Concordia's Partnership and Innovation Team.

Understanding social science research data

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