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ORCID import and export in Spectrum: How-to guide

Once your ORCID iD is connected to Spectrum, the “import and export from ORCID” options will appear on Spectrum’s Manage Deposits page. Users can then export Spectrum bibliographic records into ORCID or vice versa.

In other words, when using Spectrum or ORCID, you can import from or export to the other platform.

Adding Spectrum items to ORCID

  • After you have successfully deposited an item in Spectrum, there are two ways to add it to your ORCID profile: either export the records to ORCID via Spectrum’s Manage Deposits tab, or import them using ORCID’s web page.

Adding ORCID items to Spectrum

  • If you already have records in your ORCID profile that have not yet been added to Spectrum, you may want to transfer them in a batch deposit.
  • In this case, you can either use ORCID to export the items to Spectrum or use Spectrum’s Manage Deposits tab to import the items from ORCID.

Keep in mind

  • Spectrum is a full-text repository.
  • Records transferred from ORCID to Spectrum do not include the full-text file, only the metadata. You will still have to complete the deposit with your full-text as another step.
  • You are responsible for the permissions required of your Spectrum deposit. Please consult How to Deposit and Guidelines for more information on copyright, versioning, and permissions.

Spectrum-ORCID work-type compatibility

Spectrum: Concordia Research Repository and ORCID use different work types to identify different kinds of items. Some Spectrum work types are not recognized by ORCID, and vice versa. The following table summarizes comparable work types between Spectrum and ORCID:

Compatible Work Types
Spectrum type ORCID type
Article Journal Article
Magazine article
Newspaper article
Newsletter article
Book Book, Edited book
Book section Book chapter
Conference or workshop item Conference abstract
Conference paper
Conference poster
Dataset Dataset
Thesis Dissertation/Thesis

Note: ORCID offers a range of specific work types (i.e. conference abstract, conference poster, conference paper) that will convert to the more generic types (i.e. conference or workshop item) when added to Spectrum.

Additional work types

Both Spectrum and ORCID include work types not included in the above table, and many of these types will not be recognized when importing or exporting from one platform to another.

For example, Spectrum includes a work type for “Monograph” which compasses reports and manuals as its subtypes. However, if a Spectrum item labelled as a monograph is added to ORCID, it will simply be automatically re-labelled as “Other” in the ORCID record. Likewise, ORCID has a work type for “Book Review,” which Spectrum does not. An item labelled as a book review in ORCID will become “Other” when added to Spectrum.

When importing and exporting between Spectrum and ORCID, verify your metadata and adjust accordingly in your ORCID record and Spectrum.

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