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Media equipment

Microform readers

"Microform" is the general term referring to any document that has been reproduced in "micro" format, i.e. in images too small to be read by the naked eye. Included are:

  • microfilm,
  • microfiche,
  • microcard,

indicating whether the medium used is rolled or flat film, transparent or opaque.

Each of these requires special magnifying equipment in order to be read (microform readers).

Scanning & Printing

Both Webster and Vanier Libraries have Scanpro scanner systems for microforms. The microfilm scanners are located on the 3rd floor of the Webster Library and on the 2nd floor at the Vanier Library. The digital scanning of newspapers and journals on microform means that microform images can be saved and then either sent to the Dprint printer (applicable charges apply), sent by email or saved as PDF or graphic files. Users may also print documents directly from microform readers for free.

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