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Group study room technology


Devices may be connected to the screens in two ways: wired and wirelessly.

Wired connection

Connect the device directly to a display port or an HDMI cable and push the play button.

Adapters are available for most devices. If none of the adapters fit your device, the device can still connect via a wireless connection.

Wireless connection (Airmedia)
  • Locate the cable with no connector head and push the play button.
  • The AirMedia screen should appear. Follow the instructions below.
screen with icons on it
Desktop and laptop
  • Enter the URL (or IP address) at the top of the AirMedia screen into a browser.
  • This will prompt you to download a very small program.
  • Double click the downloaded file to run it.
  • Enter the code from the right of the screen (digits).

When using a mobile device, only certain document types, images and web browsing can be shared.

  • Download the Crestron Air Media app (if you are using a Concordia iPad, the app is already present in the communication folder).
  • Connect using the same URL (or IP address)/code combination as above.

*Troubleshooting* If the mobile app seems connected but nothing from the devices appears on the screen, quit the app completely and restart it.

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Grey Nuns mobile carts

mobile cart

In order to facilitate collaboration in the information age, a mobile cart solution is installed in 11 of the 14 group study rooms in the Grey Nuns building.

The following study rooms have the mobile carts:

  • B.104, B.106, B.108, B.109, B.110, B.111, B.121, B.122, B.123, B.124, B.125

These carts feature easy-to-use technology allowing up to four users to connect their devices to the screen in the room. With this technology you can practice presentations, work together comfortably on digital media, and even web conference with offsite participants.

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How to use the 6-button panel

On/off button
mobile cart 6-button panel

The On/Off button (power button) can be used to power the cart on and off. If the cart was off please allow up to 30 seconds for all the components to boot up properly. The cart will automatically power down after 20 minutes of inactivity.

User 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons

The cables to connect wired devices can be found in the two round cubby holes embedded in the top of the mobile cart. Up to 4 separate wired sources can be connected at the same time (HDMI with DisplayPort and MiniDisplay adapters). Each cable is long enough to comfortably reach any of the participants sitting at the nearby work table.

Any user with a connected device can take control of the screen by selecting the button on the panel that corresponds to the label on the cable their device is connected with.

In the event of a faulty connection the corresponding LED light will start flashing.

Wireless button

Users must use the Concordia wireless network in order to connect to the AirMedia appliance in the mobile cart. Further instructions on how to connect are provided on the splash screen displayed when the Wireless button is pressed on the button panel.

Users must enter the URL address and the unique session code in order to securely connect. The number of wireless connections is only limited by the availability of bandwidth.

air media display
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USB webcam

A wide angle USB webcam has been mounted above the screen to allow users to easily web conference with offsite participants using whatever software is on their device (Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts, etc…). The USB cable for the Webcam can be found in the center cubby hole and is long enough to comfortably reach any of the participants sitting at the nearby work table. Users should make sure that they select the appropriate source in the software they are using.

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Need help?

Please see the Ask Us!, Reference or Information Desk with any questions or comments.

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Updated: Thursday 3 December 2020
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