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Using the studio

Visualization Studio

Studio configuration

The Visualization Studio can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably depending on the nature of the activity. Power, HDMI video and 3.5 mm audio connections are located within 8 floor monuments in the room. Tables and chairs are also available to accommodate a range of different activities. Should a specific room configuration be required, please include these specifics with your booking request.

Cleanliness and integrity of the Studio

The user that books the Visualization Studio is responsible for keeping the studio in a clean and tidy condition for the duration of their booking. Fees will be billed for any required cleaning or reparations to the facilities including the furniture, walls and equipment. Please immediately report equipment malfunctions or failures to

Food and beverages

Food is strictly forbidden in the Visualization Studio. Beverages are permissible, but must be in a spill-proof container.

For further details, please consult the Visualization Studio Policy.

Key access to the studio

Please pick up the studio key from the LB building security desk (LB-121) (located at the entrance of the Library), no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled booking. You must present a valid Concordia employee or student ID card to validate your booking. Please return the studio key to the LB security desk immediately following the end of your booking.

We're building a community!

Would you like to collaborate with us by holding a class or workshop in our studio? Do you have data you would like to explore through visualization? We'd like to hear from you! Contact us at

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