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Indigenous Student Librarian program

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Objectives of the Indigenous Student Librarian program:

  • To support a First Nations, Métis, or Inuit student in obtaining a master’s degree in the field of library and information studies while working at the Concordia Library.
  • To foster a culture of diversity and inclusion among members of the library team.
  • To offer the opportunity for an Indigenous person to contribute to the Library and to the wider Concordia community.
  • To provide the student with a wide exposure to the range of activities in an academic library setting including the opportunity to work in reference, instruction, special collections, and on special projects.
  • To allow the student the opportunity to develop experience in areas of interest to begin a successful career in academic librarianship or archives.

The program is two years in length. It is expected that the Indigenous student librarian (or archivist) will complete their master’s degree within that time. The student will work alongside other student librarians, as well as all groups of library staff.

Updated: Tuesday 11 May 2021
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