Library Services Fund Committee


The LSFC was established according to article 5 of the CSU Library Services Fund Agreement between the Concordia Student Union and Concordia University, signed April 16, 2010, "for the purpose of providing additional or improved library resources" at the Webster Library and Vanier Library.

Members of the Library Services Fund in 2023-2024
Members of the Library Services Fund Committee 2023-2024

Annual reports


2023-2024 Committee membership

Alexandrah Cardona (CSU Academic & Advocacy Coordinator)
Maria Chitoroaga (CSU Sustainability Coordinator)
Michael Lecchino (CSU Member of Council)
Adam Mills (CSU Member of Council)

Dianne Cmor (Chair) – Associate University Librarian, Teaching & Learning
Amy Buckland – University Librarian
Danielle Dennie – Head, Vanier Library
Rajiv Johal - Associate University Librarian, Research & Graduate Studies
Paul Blouin – Manager, Budget & Facilities

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