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How to find articles


The Library subscribes to different databases that enable you to identify and access articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers on a specific topic or by a particular author. Most of these articles are not freely available on the Web, and cannot be found using search engines such as Google. You may access the databases from library computers or from home where you will login with your Concordia netname and password OR ID Card barcode number and Library PIN.

Learn more about scholarly journals, magazines and trade publications using this chart from Western Carolina University.

If you are looking for a specific article for which you already have a citation or reference, go to step 6 below.


  • Give you access to a wider selection of quality articles published on your topic than you could find on the Web
  • Enable you to limit your search to scholarly or "peer-reviewed" articles (which are often required for assignments)
  • Provide a sophisticated search system (to help you formulate your search more precisely than you would be able to do using Google)

Finding articles with useful information is a process.

Although this guide presents a few basic steps that you may follow, keep in mind that research does not always evolve in a straight line. Often the information you find will bring new thoughts and ideas that will make you rethink your initial approach.

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