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How to find articles

Step 6 - Locate articles you selected

Does the library have the article you need? Is it available online?

In many databases, you will be able to view the complete text of an article by following the link that appears together with the citation. The link may be marked as "PDF full text" or "HTML full text".

When there are no direct links to the complete article in the database, look for the "Find it! @ Concordia" button, which can save you a lot of time. "Find it! @ Concordia" will try to locate an electronic copy of the article you are looking for.

However, if you do not find a match for your article, you can check the library catalogue, to determine if the Libraries have the particular volume and issue of the journal in which the article is published (either in electronic or in print format).

For example, you have the following citation:

Nogué, J., & Villanova, J. L. (2002). Spanish colonialism in Morocco and the Sociedad Geográfica de Madrid, 1876-1956. Journal of Historical Geography, 28(1), 1-20.

From the drop-down menu, choose the Journal Title search option in the library catalogue. Enter the journal name in the search box. Journals may be in print or electronic format. Make sure to look at the subscription years to see if they cover the years for which your article was published.

If you have a citation for an article, another option to see if it is available online is to use Article Finder.

What if the article is not available at Concordia?
  • Try searching Google or Google Scholar by using the significant words or a phrase from the title of the article combined with the last name of the author. You may also try searching for the title of the journal using quotations. This will often lead to the publisher's Web site. Browse the site to see if the article you need is freely available. Some publishers allow access to older articles without subscription.
  • You can also submit an interlibrary loan request using COLOMBO.
  • If you prefer to go to another library that has a printed version of your article and photocopy it yourself, a list of local libraries with links to their catalogues is available on the Libraries' Web site.
Updated: Friday 29 May 2020
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