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2017 LibQUAL+ survey responses
You spoke, we listened.

Study spaces & noise

What you said:

What we're doing:

Coffee and tea are essential to studying – please allow it!!! I cannot choose between studying and coffee.

We do allow it!!! No need to choose, just be sure to bring your coffee/tea in a spill-proof mug.

It would be great if there could be a designated area for eating in the Library. It is a waste of time to have to leave every time you want to eat.

Let students have simple snacks and drinks in the Library, if there are any problems it will mostly affect our own computers as we all bring laptops.

Please provide a quick eating space so we don't have to leave the library to have a quick lunch.

Food in a library is not just about the spills and cleaning costs – which are substantial if you let 10,000 people per day eat and drink. There is also a concern about food attracting insects, small rodents, etc. We’re sure our students would not want to attract any creepy crawlers, and our books don’t like them much either!

We understand though that studying for long periods of time without eating is difficult, so we have created small, designated eating spots at each library to keep the food contained to one area, away from the collection. These spots are intended for snacks and quick meals.

At Vanier, you will find the food area at the staircase landing of the 2nd and 3rd floor. At the Webster library, the food area is at the top of the entrance staircase and 1st floor elevator. There are currently are four spots there now, but we can see that this is not enough and will be looking into adding more.

I think there should be more silent study spaces with comfortable seating at both libraries.

The chairs in the Vanier Library are very uncomfortable.

Everyone's preferences when it comes to seating is slightly different, we are hoping that with many of the new study spaces at the Webster Library, you can find a few that meet your needs.

There is a range of different spaces at the Vanier library too, although we also know that the chairs in the study spaces on the 2nd floor are particularly uncomforatble. Fortunately, thanks to the Library Services Fund, more comfortable chairs were since purchased for that floor.

More group study space is needed.

Group study rooms aren't being used to their potential: either only one student is using the room alone, the same students are booking the rooms, or no one is showing up for their reservation.

The study rooms are always full!

Sometimes the rooms get booked but then the groups don’t show up! There should be a way to verify the room bookings.

Some people are always in the study room, using it for quiet study. They should be reserved for those who need to do group work or work with a tutor!

Our study room policy states:

Bookings at Webster Library become invalid if the room is not claimed within the first 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes, the booking becomes invalid if at any point the room is left unoccupied. Bookings at Vanier Library and the Grey Nuns Reading Room become invalid if the room is not claimed within the first 15 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, the booking becomes invalid if at any point the room is left unoccupied.

Individuals cannot claim group study room bookings. A minimum of two (2) people affiliated with Concordia are required to use a room. If there is only one person using a room, they may be asked to leave.

Our booking system allows a maximum of one room booking per person per day.

At Webster and Grey Nuns, there is a tablet outside the study room door where you can check in and claim your booking. If you fail to check in, the booking is voided and the room is opened up for others to reserve.

Unfortunately there is no way to check-in to a study room at Vanier. If you notice that a group has not turned up for their room booking and you would like book the room for your group, you will have to ask at the Circulation Desk to make your booking on that space. Once the renovations take place at Vanier, we will have the tablets outside the door to make the reservation and check-in process easier.

Between the Webster and Vanier libraries and Grey Nuns Reading Room, there are 38 group study rooms. If you know you have an upcoming group work or tutor appointment, book your room as soon you can.

There are bugs in the library!

If you spot any bugs, please take a picture, note the location and report the sighting to one of our services desks or using the Ask a Librarian service.

We take reports of insects seriously and will rope off areas to undergo a deeper clean when we confirm any reports of insect infestation. If you see any bugs, please report it!

The library can be noisy at times, especially during peak periods.

The silence rules are not respected!

People still make noise and bring their laptops into the zero-noise, no typing room!

Please remember that you can report a noise complaint directly to Library staff or security agents, but you can also report it to one of the Ask a Librarian services. When you use one of these services, make sure to report the location so we can send a staff member to follow up.

There are students from other universities using the library.

The library spaces should be reserved for Concordia students only!

Our recent library visitor's survey showed that on average day, only 5% of our visitors are not Concordia community members. Concordia University is a public institution and the Library transformation was funded, in part, with public money. That means that Concordia, the library included, is open to the public, which includes students from other institutions, just as the other universities in Montreal are open to Concordia students.

There are two exceptions to this, the Grey Nuns Reading Room is restricted to current Concordia students, additionally the Webster and Vanier Library are restricted between 11pm amd 7am. If you plan to study during those hours, remember your Student ID card!

Please bring back the study carrels. Many students require barriers to avoid being distracted while studying.

I do not like that cubicle style desks have been eliminated.

There should be some privacy available to students who do not want to be distracted.

More private study space is needed such as carrels or private booths for graduate students.

During the transformation the older style of wooden study carrels were replaced with tables that feature 18" frosted dividers, as seen here. These are on the 2nd floor and more are coming to the other reading rooms in the Webster Library. We will be adding some to the Webster Library Graduate Study Space as well.

If you prefer the old style of carrel, there are still some to be found at the Vanier Library in the quiet study area of the 2nd floor.

For more background on study carrels in libraries, and suggestions for places to study without distraction, see this blog post.

We want a renovation at Vanier Library, too!!

The books are great, but the library is ugly.

You should make the library a nicer place to study, I spend so much time here and the atmosphere is depressing!

Webster has renovated to improve the quality of the space, why no love for Vanier?

It's coming!!! Planning for the Vanier Library renovation will begin in fall 2018! If you have any specific comments about what you would like to see, please send them to the Suggestion Blog.

There are not enough power outlets at Vanier.

Some of the tables in the group study rooms at Vanier don't have plugs in them.

We tried! We have been told by campus engineers that the Vanier Library is at its maximum capacity for power outlets; if we add more we will start tripping breakers. We are going to see if there is anything we can do during the upcoming renovations to help address this issue!

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