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2017 LibQUAL+ survey responses
You spoke, we listened.

Webster Transformation

What you said:

What we're doing:

The renovations are great now that they are complete, but perhaps you could make the space even more special by adding more art, exhibitions, events, etc.

We agree! As we are writing this response, our first exhibition is being installed in our new exhibition space on Level 2 of the Webster Library. We agree that the Library is a special place and we'll be looking for ways to continue enhancing its ambience as a preferred space on campus.

The renovations have made the Webster Library "awesome", "absolutely gorgeous", "great atmosphere for studying", "quiet space is amazing", etc, etc.

Aw, shucks!!! We are so pleased that so many of you gave such positive feedback. We hope that students enjoy our lovely new spaces at the Webster Library and help us keep them lovely for years to come. We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of you who provided feedback during the entire process, who patiently accepted the inconveniences that come with a major renovation, and who are now showing us that our efforts have paid off! Take a walk around the Library, and you will see students learning in all sorts of ways, in every direction!

I want adjustable desks and chairs, and standing desks too.

The tables should be wider / deeper. The desktops area are not ergonomic.

We need more natural light.

We would like a rest area.

Love the new design!

You asked for a variety of studying set-ups (tables, chairs, lights, etc). The Webster Library now offers 22 types of study spaces, some more relaxed, others a little more structured. Visit the Library website to learn more about the types of spaces

More glass walls have been included in the design to allow for the natural light from the windows to spread farther and individual light controls at the tables in the silent study halls gives you more control over lighting as you study.

There are also adjustable desks on the 2nd floor and areas with standing desks on the 2nd and 3rd floor. If you don’t want to be restricted to only two floors, you can borrow a portable standing desk at the Webster Loans desk or Vanier Circulation desk and set up wherever you like.

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