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2017 LibQUAL+ survey responses
You spoke, we listened.

Website, library catalogue & Discovery search

What you said:

What we're doing:

When I place a hold at the Webster Library, I can pick it up myself whenever I like. Why can't a similar self-serve pick-up option be available at the Vanier Library?

It is in our plan this year to implement a 24-hour self-serve Holds shelf at Vanier in the Course Reserves Room like there is at Webster Library.

The new website and Discovery search are interesting, but navigation is still a challenge and should be made simpler.

I'm not sure about the new "discovery" page. It seemed easier to search in the past.

I'm not a fan of the discovery search - its search results are unpredictable!

The website only works half of the time.

The nice thing about the Discovery Search is that it combines searching for books and academic articles from many different databases all in one spot, which was something people requested in the last survey. It also contains information from all the disciplines and is not specific to one subject area.

That said, we understand that not everyone likes to search the same way. The previous default search on the website was the library catalogue and that option is still available on the tab above the search box. If you wanted to focus your search to journal articles in one specific discipline, you can use our Database by Subject page to locate resources that focus on a specific subject area or consult a subject guide to see what your librarian recommends.

Our website, library catalogue, Discovery Search and databases should be available to you 24/7, so if you find that those tools are not working properly, please let us know using one of the Ask a Librarian contact options.

I've been experiencing some technical issues when accessing e-resources (downtime, broken links) and it is inconvenient to have to use the VPN to access resources when off-campus

Seeking solutions to all reported problems is a priority for us. Please report technical issues using one of the Ask a Librarian services when you encounter them! If we don't know about a problem we can't work on fixing it.

Easy access to all our e-resources depends on many systems, some of which we control and some of which are out of our control because they are handled by external providers. We can start troubleshooting technical problems as soon as we receive reports, but in some cases, the problem is with an external system and we have to rely on our providers to fix it.

Recently, a technical upgrade of the library proxy server increased our compatibility with the latest Web standards which has improved ease of access to e-resources from off campus.

The library could be a great resources but I have trouble with navigating the online site and accessing information.

We understand that navigating the library's resources can be a frustrating and confusing experience sometimes. There is a lot of information out there across many platforms that can be very different. We are planning to add some short videos at various points on our website to help with some of resources and services. However, until that happens, any time you have difficulties, Ask a Librarian! We offer help via chat, email and in person to suit your preference. We also have a brand new library tutorial to help familiarize you with the basics of using the Library effectively.

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