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Course reserves for instructors

How to submit your requests

Requests can be submitted using the online request form in the Course Reserves system. You can fill in the citation and we will make it available to your students via the course readings system. If you have a PDF version of the material, you may upload it.

The Library verifies that the readings you requested or uploaded for your course, follow the Copyright Guidelines for Instructors as well as the Library licenses for electronic resources.

Whenever the Library has an electronic resource such as an article, a book, or a book chapter, we link to it rather than providing a PDF. This way, we do not need to pay an additional copyright fee for a resource for which we have already paid the access fee. If you do not want the PDF replaced with a link, please indicate this in the notes field for each uploaded item.

All hardcopies (e.g. texbooks, DVDs) will be placed in the Course Reserves Room in the library of your choice: Webster, SGW campus or Vanier, Loyola campus.

Log into the Course Reserves system


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