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Course reserves for instructors

Types of material that can be placed on reserve

During the pandemic, only digital resources can be placed on reserve.

  • Links to articles or e-books licensed for use by the Concordia University Library
  • Links to websites or streaming video or audio
  • Single book chapters scanned from print books from the Library's collection
  • Articles scanned from print journals from the Library's collection

Please note that material exceeding the copyright guidelines below will require copyright clearance.

  • An entire article from a periodical
  • Up to 15% of a work (e.g. book)
  • An entire chapter from a book provided it constitutes no more than 20% of a work
Streaming video and audio

Links to streaming video or audio can be added to the Course Reserves system. The Library has an extensive collection of video and audio databases. See our "How to find videos" guide and/or consult our list of Video and Sound databases.

If the audio or video item is not currently in the Library's collection, please fill in a Suggest a purchase request with as much detail as possible.

Updated: Tuesday 23 February 2021
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