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Course reserves for instructors

Library textbooks in the time of Covid-19

For Winter 2021, there will be no print course reserves, but there are many options for e-reserves. Specifically with regard to textbooks, see the following information and 2-minute video below:

Barriers during the winter semester:

  • Library Course Reserve rooms are closed
  • Textbooks are not always available in an electronic format
  • Library cannot purchase e-textbooks (most major textbook publisher only sell e-textbooks to students directly)
  • Copyright restrictions (Library cannot scan whole print textbooks for reserves)

Alternatives provided by e-Reserves:

  • Request one or two chapters from a print textbook and place them on e-reserve
  • Consider using an open textbook
  • Consider using a “regular” e-book as a textbook – search Sofia Discovery Tool for possibilities
  • Combine digitized content from different sources, for example:
    • Chapters from different books/e-books or different editions of textbooks
    • Articles from peer-reviewed articles, journalistic media, etc.
Updated: Tuesday 23 February 2021
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