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FAQ on course reserves for instructors

Access to Course Reserves

The instructor and his designated proxy or a co-teacher will have "instructor's" access to the course allowing them to add, change or remove readings. All students enrolled in a course will have access to view digital readings. Thirty (30) days after the end of exams, the readings will no longer be available to students. Instructors will continue to see the readings for a course they have taught in the past.

Normally, both instructors should have access to the course. If you are co-teaching a course and don't have access contact the other instructor who can then add you to the course as a 'proxy'. See: "How to give permissions to a TA or a co-teacher".

To allow other people to manage the readings for your course, log into the Course Reserves system, select the course for which you want to share permissions, then on the course page select "Course Proxy Users" and type in the Concordia netname of the person you wish to share permissions with. This will allow the person to manage readings for that course only. If you wish to share permission for more courses you will need to repeat the process for each course you wish to share.

All digital readings will be available to your students until 30 days after the end of the exam period. Course textbooks may remain the in Course Reserves Room as long as they are needed for a course.

Please note that not all publishers allow unlimited access to their ebooks. Some publishers only allow access to ebooks for 1 or 3 users at a time. If an ebook has been put on reserve for your class, it may be important to check how many people can access the ebook at once, especially if there are many students in your class and if it is a required reading. The following video will explain how to check for this. Please write to if the number of users allowed is too low for your class, or if this number cannot be found.

Updated: Monday 8 February 2021
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