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FAQ on course reserves for instructors

Ares and Moodle

Once you have your reading processed in the Course Reserves system, you can add a link to the reading in any document you prepare for your course or in Moodle directly. To do that you will need to copy a permanent link from the item in the Course Reserves system:

For items with PDFs
Click on the item and copy the URL from the "Permanent Link" section of the record. This link will give access only to students that are registered for your course.

Adding permanent links

For items available in the Library's electronic collection
Click on the item to open it and then click on "Edit this Item". This will open the complete record for editing and you will find the permanent link to this electronic resource at the bottom of the form. This link can be shared with anyone at Concordia.

Adding permanent links

More information on permanent links.

If you are reusing/cloning items from a last year's course in your current course, the permanent links will work for this year as well. Please remember that inks to PDFs will work only for students who are currently registered for the course.

Example of a PDF permanent link:

Option 1:

Each Moodle course has a Library Resources block, usually in the bottom left corner of the course page. Clicking on the Course Reserves link within that block will lead you to the Course Reserves system.

Adding permanent links

Option 2:

Alternatively, you can add a Course Reserves block to your Moodle course. The main advantage of this block is that it provides seamless access: you and your students will not need to login again.

Here's how to add the Course Reserves block:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner, turn editing on.
    Turn editing on
  2. Go to the Add A Block sectionAdd a block
  3. Select Course Reserves from the list of options Add course reserves
  4. The page will refresh and the block will be added. In the upper right-hand corner, turn the editing off. Turn editing off
  5. You can click on "View course readings" to add, modify, or delete course readings.View course readings
Updated: Monday 8 February 2021
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