Desktop computers in the Library

Who can use library computers?

A system of authentication for library laptops and PC workstations is in place, in order to ensure that priority of use of our computers is given to Concordia students, faculty and staff. This authentication system has the following implications:

  • Students, faculty and staff wishing to use PC workstations in the Vanier or Webster Library must log in with their netname and password. If you have not already registered for a netname, you can do so by connecting to My CU Account in the Student Hub. Only currently registered students can use the computers.
  • Library users who are not registered students, faculty or staff at Concordia may be eligible for library guest accounts.
  • Students, faculty and staff may borrow laptops and tablets from the Library.
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Computer accounts

All Concordia users need a netname to do the following:

If you are not from the Concordia community, please see information regarding guest accounts. The Concordia netname account is administrated by Concordia University IT Services. Library staff will do their best to help you with any netname problems, but you may need to refer to IT Services' webpage about netname account management or contact Concordia IT Services directly.

All non-Concordia users need identification (name, barcode number appearing on your Concordia ID card, Library PIN) in order to access the My Library Account feature in the Sofia Discovery tool.

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Rules & guidelines

Before making use of a computer patrons should be aware of the Library's Policy on Use of Library's Computer Facilities and the University Policy on Computing Facilities.

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Q: How do I remove my USB key safely?

A: Removing your USB key without “stopping” it may cause you to lose files or have corrupt files. To safely remove your USB key, do as follows:

  • Click once (left click) on the arrow icon in the taskbar (bottom right side of the screen) to show hidden icons, including the USB icon.
  • Right-click on the USB key icon and select “EJECT”.
  • A message saying it is safe to remove the storage device will appear.
  • You can now safely remove your USB key without loss or corruption of data.

Q: How can I avoid losing my files when using library computers?

A: See Avoid losing your files when using library computers.

Q: How do I recover a file I thought I had saved?

A: See Recovering saved files from the temporary Internet Files folder on library computers.

Q: Where can I listen to audio files?

A: You can listen to audio files (with standard headphones) in the following areas:

Q: Where can I watch a DVD?

A: You can watch DVDs in the following areas:

  • Webster Library: All computers on the 2nd and 3rd floors (except "library website only") and media players on the 3rd floor
  • Vanier Library: All computers (except "library website only" computers) and media players on the 2nd floor
  • Laptops: Most Webster and Vanier library laptops
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