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Past Forums

16th Annual Research Forum (2018)


Presentations and Posters

Can data and transparency restore public trust in mainstream journalism?
Roberto Rocha, Investigative Journalist, CBC Montreal

Making Connections: Bringing Archives to Undergraduates
Alexandra Mills, Special Collections Archivist, Concordia University

"Mother Jacobs' Home Remedies," Now with an Economic Flavour: Tracking Jane Jacobs' Influence in Economics using Bibliometric and Network Analysis
Joanna Szurmak, Research Services and Liaison Librarian, University of Toronto Mississauga Library

Using Advising Analytics Software to Track Impact and Value of Library Resources on Student Achievement
Joleen M. McInnis, Liaison Librarian to the College of Health Sciences and Life Sciences, Old Dominion University Libraries, Norfolk, VA
Leo Lo, Associate University Librarian for Research and Learning, Old Dominion University Libraries, Norfolk, VA

The importance of mother tongue and the rebirth of a community library
Marco de Petrillo, MISt Candidate (2019), McGill University
Mila Bozic Erkic, MISt Candidate (2018), McGill University

Undergraduate Library Research Awards: Rewarding Research or Prizing Promotion?
Susie Breier, Anthropology, Sociology & Women’s Studies Librarian, Concordia University Library

Missing Mods: An Examination of an Online Fan Community's Archiving Practices
Andrea Budac, Graduate Student, University of Alberta

Strategic Directions of Canadian Academic Libraries
Elizabeth O’Brien, Head, Strategic Initiatives, University of Toronto Scarborough

Hybrid librarianship: Academic librarian education for online pedagogical roles
Heather McTavish, MISt, Master of Arts in Education, candidate, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

"Making it Possible to Know": Library Wayfinding and Student Experience
Jenaya Webb, Public Services and Research Librarian, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Library, University of Toronto

A Call to Action: Decolonizing Academic Libraries
Donna Langille, Master of Information Studies Candidate, School of Information Studies, McGill University

Using escape rooms to teach information literacy
Mylène Pinard, Liaison Librarian, Macdonald Campus Library, McGill University

Social Media #OTD: Outreach tools and development
Katrina Cohen-Palacios, Adjunct Archivist, Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections, York University Libraries

Vérification par liste bibliographique : Résultats d’une évaluation des collections d’œuvres de littérature jeunesse dans les didacthèques des universités francophones du Québec
Rachel DeRoy-Ringuette, Doctorante, Faculté d’éducation - Département de didactique, Université de Montréal
Isabelle Montesinos-Gelet, Professeure titulaire, Faculté d’éducation - Département de didactique, Université de Montréal
Audrey Laplante, Professeure agrégée, École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information, Université de Montréal

Remixing Information Studies, Copyright, and Participatory Culture: A Study of Fan Fiction Writers’ Legal Information Behaviour
Rebecca Katz, PhD Candidate, McGill University School of Information Studies

Exploring Local Music Collections and Collecting in Canada
Sean Luyk, Digitial Initiatives Projects Librarian, University of Alberta Libraries
Carolyn Doi, Music Librarian, University of Saskatchewan

Ableism and access in the academic library
Claire Burrows, Researcher-in-residence, Concordia University Library

Structures de pouvoir et archives institutionnelles : une analyse des contextes sociohistoriques des archives hospitalières
François Dansereau, Archiviste / Archivist, Centre universitaire de santé McGill / McGill University Health Centre

Government information in Canadian academic libraries
Emma Cross, Cataloguing and metadata librarian, Carleton University Library
Sylvie Lafortune, Librarian, Research Support Services, Carleton University Library

Folksonomic explorations and community cultivation: special collections on Instagram
Robin Desmeules, Cataloguing Librarian, McGill University Library
Anna Dysert, Librarian-Cataloguer, McGill University Library

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