APA citation style - 7th edition

Anthologies, coursepacks, dictionaries & encyclopedias

Anthology or compilation

Gibbs, J. T., & Huang, L. N. (Eds.). (1991). Children of color: Psychological interventions with minority youth. Jossey-Bass.

Work in an anthology or an essay in a book

Bjork, R. A. (1989). Retrieval inhibition as an adaptive mechanism in human memory. In H. L. Roediger III, & F. I. M. Craik (Eds.), Varieties of memory & consciousness (pp. 309–330). Erlbaum.

Work in a coursepack

Goleman, D. (2009). What makes a leader? In D. Demers (Ed.), AHSC 230: Interpersonal communication and relationships (pp. 47–56). Concordia University Bookstore. (Reprinted from Harvard Business Review, 76(6), pp.93–102, 1998).

An entry in a dictionary, group author

  • If the retrieval date is continuously updated and the versions are not archived, include a retrieval date before the URL.

Oxford University Press. (2020, March). Revolutionary. In Oxford English Dictionary (3rd ed.). https://www.oed.com/view/Entry/164973?redirectedFrom=Revolutionary#eid.

Article in a reference book or an entry in an encyclopedia, individual author

  • If an entry has an individual author, include the author’s name, the editor of the encyclopedia, and the publisher of the encyclopedia.

Guignon, C. B. (1998). Existentialism. In E. Craig (Ed.), Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy (Vol. 3, pp. 493–502). Routledge.


  • Cite the archived version of the page you used. If this is not available, include a retrieval date before the URL.

Climate change mitigation. (2020, February 24). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Climate_change_mitigation&diff=942333969&oldid=942098986

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