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APA citation style - 7th edition


Television or radio program

Smart, V. (Writer & Director). (2019, October 6). Havana syndrome: Investigating what made diplomats sick (Season 45, Episode 3) [TV series episode]. In C. Legge (Executive Producer), The fifth estate. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Film, videorecording or DVD

Kubrick, S. (Director). (1980). The Shining [Film]. Warner Brothers.

YouTube videos

King Arthur Flour. (2015, August 7). How to braid a three strand loaf [Video]. YouTube.

Podcast (single episode)

Stubner, S. (Host). (2020, March 25). What does COVID-19 mean for cities (and marriages)? [Audio podcast episode]. In Freakonomics. Stitcher Radio.

Online lecture notes and presentation slides (such as Moodle)

Cress, C. M. (2009). Curricular strategies for student success and engaged learning [PowerPoint slides]. Moodle.

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